5 more random things about me

April 23rd, 2015

This was inspired by a recent post by Jhanz, where she wrote 23 things about her for her 23rd birthday. I thought about doing the same since my birthday was last month! But then I realized I turned 30, and I don’t think I have 30 things to share… But anyway! The last time I did a “5 random things” post was back in 2012, so I think it’s time I did another :)

I grew up wanting to be an artist.

I actually had a pretty art heavy background before college. When I was very young, I was already drawing a lot, and my teachers took notice. They suggested that my parents sign me up for art lessons outside of school. At age 8, I was learning charcoal and pastels. At age 9, I was doing watercolor. I also loved cartoons and had dreams of being a cartoonist.

Crappy phone photo, but I did this watercolor when I was 9.

Crappy phone photo, but I did this watercolor when I was 9.

In high school, I switched to oil paints and Prismacolors and had also taken an interest in Anime. I wanted to sell paintings! Or maybe be a comic book artist!

However, around that time, I also discovered webdesign, and that’s what changed my world. I realized that I loved to code, and when college application time came around, I had changed my mind to being a Computer Science major (which is what I graduated with).

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Home Decor – entryway

April 16th, 2015

We had a messy entryway for a while because we had wooden boards and flattened cardboard boxes leaned against the wall. A few months ago, we cleaned those out, and while it looked better, it still looked very plain.


I wanted to do something about it! At the very least, I wanted something for guests to sit down at while they put on their shoes. I had a few things in mind:

  1. A console table and two chairs – one on each side of the table
  2. A bench and a coat rack
  3. A bench and wall hooks

I ended up going with idea #2. I liked the idea of using a bench because it could fit more people, and it doubles as a shoe rack. I’ve also always liked the look of coat racks. They can look nice when empty and are also functional to hang things on.

So we bought them!


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New layout: version 6

April 12th, 2015

Finally, a new layout! The previous one was up for over two years. I originally wanted to change layouts back in January for the new year, but I didn’t have any ideas back then.

I think you can guess that the person in the photo is me. Now that it’s up, I’m kind of weirded out by being in the header XD;; I wanted something to show a few of my favorite hobbies. From left to right: photography, drawing, sewing, and gaming.

The photo was kind of a pain to take. For some reason, my wireless shutter release and my wireless flash triggers don’t play well together. I set up two speedlight flashes for this shot, and I couldn’t get both flashes to fire consistently when triggering my camera remotely. (Maybe this is a sign that I need better flash triggers, sigh.) But! After many, many tries, I finally got a photo I liked :)

If you’re wondering how my DSLR can be there at the same time of this photo, it’s because I used my old DSLR (Canon 50D) to take it, which let me place my newer DSLR (Canon 6D) in the shot. Having two can be handy at times!

If anything doesn’t look right, please let me know! I’m still poking around to see if I missed any places. I’m also going to keep this entry short because a couple coworkers are about to come over to work on a project. A few entries ago, I mentioned winning our company’s hackathon, which was plugin-themed. We are getting our plugin ready to be released next month!

Anyway, I hope you guys like the new layout :) I have a couple home decor entries in draft that I will be putting up shortly!