PAX South recap

January 27th, 2015 by Cat

I went to PAX South in San Antonio last weekend! My friend from Philadelphia came to visit, so I bought 3-day badges for myself, him, and my husband. PAX stands for Penny Arcade Expo, and it’s a large gaming convention where many developers come to show off their games. Many of the games aren’t released yet, so it’s exciting to get a sneak peek.

This was PAX South’s very first year! Though, it wasn’t our first time at a PAX. We’ve been to PAX East in Boston 3 times in the past. Compared to PAX East, there was a lack of well-known gaming companies with their large and showy booths. Maybe as South grows, those will start showing up. It was nice to see a bunch of small companies instead though, since you get to see new things you haven’t heard of before.

Since PAX South is in Texas, I ran into many friends from different Texas cities! One of which was Mija! She found me first, and when I turned around, she was there with a big hug. She’s so awesome! I’m glad we finally met in person! :D

Are we the same height? Short people unite!

Are we the same height? Short people unite!

We played a bunch of games, and some were more memorable than others. Like with past years (2010, 2011, 2013), here is a recap with the ones that stood out to me the most. Let’s start with my 3 favorites.

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The foodie trip

January 17th, 2015 by Cat

One of my closest friends is visiting me next week! He’s flying in from Philadelphia and loves good food as much as I do :) Because of that, I have been working on a “food schedule” – basically where we’ll be eating and when. I picked local favorites and also things Texas is known for. Here’s what’s on it so far!

Torchy’s Tacos
I brought my friend here the last time he visited, and he’s still craving it! Austin is big on tacos, and by tacos, I don’t mean cheap meat and a hard shell. I mean a soft tortilla with high quality ingredients. Torchy’s is one of the popular local chains here with tasty ingredient combinations.

Left: green chile pork | Right: baja shrimp

Left: green chile pork | Right: baja shrimp

Tacodeli is another local chain, and it’s actually my favorite for tacos. They have a large variety, great ingredients, and amazing salsas. I especially love their breakfast tacos, so this may be a morning trip.

Left: breakfast taco | Right: Al Pastor from lunch menu

Left: breakfast taco | Right: Al Pastor from lunch menu

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My top movies of 2014

January 10th, 2015 by Cat

I hope you’re not tired of these 2014 recap posts yet! (Especially since I’m so late and didn’t post all of these until 2015 XD;;) I don’t normally talk about movies I’ve watched, but I saw some really memorable ones last year that I’d like to highlight. It was tough choosing a top 5, but I managed to get it down, starting with…

#5: Guardians of the Galaxy [trailer]

"Why would you want to save the galaxy?" "Because I'm one of the idiots who lives in it!"

“Why would you want to save the galaxy?” “Because I’m one of the idiots who lives in it!”

Of the super hero movies last year, Guardians was my favorite. I’m a sucker for the story type where unlikely heroes appear, and you end up with a dysfunctional group that has to work it out in their own crazy way. And yes, Guardians follows very similarly to Avengers (especially if you watch the Honest Trailer). The group has to learn to work with each other, there’s a big battle at the end where everyone’s involved to save the world, it ends in that “feel good” kind of way, yada yada. However, when cliches like that are done well, you get a very entertaining and funny movie like Guardians of the Galaxy.

#4: The Lego Movie [trailer]

"I know what you're thinking, he's the least qualified person to lead us... and you are right!"

“I know what you’re thinking, he’s the least qualified person to lead us… and you are right!”

There were also several great animated movies, but I have to pick The Lego Movie over them all. Part of it is the big nostalgia piece and my love of Legos when I was a child. Even with that aside, The Lego Movie is beautifully animated, has an amazing cast, is really creative, and is super funny. It was sooo fun to watch, and I loved seeing the different Lego sets used. This movie exceeded my expectations and ends in a surprisingly heart warming way.

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