Japan 2016, part 6: Shiogama and Matsushima

October 17th, 2016

The past few Japan posts have been about my stay in the Tohoku region, with us staying in Sendai and taking day trips from there. You might remember that back in 2011, Japan was hit by a major earthquake and tsunami, and the Tohoku region was greatly affected. It took many lives and caused a terrible amount of destruction. It was especially bad along the Sanriku Coast, and I wanted to make sure I visited a couple cities along it. It’s been 5 years, so the cities have mostly bounced back since, but any tourism helps these areas!

On August 8th, we visited Shiogama, which is on the Sanriku Coast and is largely known for its fishing industry. It’s also known for having highest number of sushi restaurants per capita in Japan! We started by looking around the fish market, and though I read you could order sushi and food there, we didn’t find many places.



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My Favorite Things: October 2016

October 11th, 2016

It’s time for another round of My Favorite Things, a link-up hosted by Raisa and Eirene! I’m sad that this is the last one in the link-up, so I wanted to make sure I participated this month. I’m going to miss it! I will probably continue the series on my own once in a while because it’s fun to recap things I’ve enjoyed recently :)

Stranger Things


After being asked multiple times whether I’ve seen Stranger Things by friends, I can finally say yes. The show centers around the disappearance of a boy and all the weird things that happen afterwards. I love the 80s feel, and all of the mysterious things going on really pulled me in. I watched a couple episodes during the week, but then just binge watched the last 6 episodes on a Saturday. So good! I’m loving the Netflix series, so next up is to finish Luke Cage!

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Japan 2016, part 5: Morioka and Wanko Soba

October 5th, 2016

In Japan, many cities have a food that they’re known for, and it becomes a thing that people bring back as a souvenir or as a touristy thing that they try when they visit. For example, back in part 3, I wrote about how Sendai is known for gyutan (beef tongue), and there are a ton of gyutan restaurants throughout the city.

On August 7th, we took a day trip from Sendai to Morioka, which is 40 minutes away by Shinkansen (bullet train). What is Morioka known for? Noodles! To be specific, it’s known for jajamen (based off of Chinese Zhajiangmien), reimen (based off of Korean Naengmyeon), and wanko soba. Wanko soba is the one that interested us the most, so we went to Morioka just to try it.


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