Things I collect: manga and video games

April 16th, 2014 by Cat

It’s been a while since I did a “Things I collect” entry, the last (and first) one being Rubik’s Cubes. This time I’m writing about my two biggest collections: my manga and video games! They’re large enough that I was having problems keeping track of them.

My manga collection was actually small for a while. I had started watching Anime when I was a young teenager, and it took a while before I transitioned to reading more manga than watching Anime. By college, it had grown because I had followed several series. That’s when I decided to database them and put them on a site: Manga Addiction.

That ended up being a great idea. At the time, friends who were borrowing my manga could see everything I had. Now it’s useful for myself. When I’m at a bookstore or Anime con, I use my phone to look at my site and check which volumes I’m missing.

Some of the manga. I really need another shelf...

Some of the manga. I really need another shelf…

I was running into the same problem with my games collection, especially since both my husband and I are buying them. We’ve both been gamers since we were young, and it’s actually thanks to video games that we became closer and started dating! After moving in together, our collection got kind of messy, and we suddenly had duplicates of things.

So just recently, I spent time databasing our games too: Inventory Full.

Well, it’s part of our gaming collection. I decided not to list anything older than the Wii/PS3/360 generation since we don’t buy games for older consoles anymore. It’s still a work in progress since we’re missing a lot of ratings. Also, every time I think I’m done, I find another game laying around that I forgot about XD;;

Made such a mess to take this photo!

Made such a mess to take this photo!

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Favorite dishes, part 1

April 8th, 2014 by Cat

I have a friend that I tease whenever we have dinner. If it’s an Italian restaurant, I’ll ask, “getting the chicken alfredo?” He’d then feign shock. “How did you know??”

You see, my friend chooses one dish at each restaurant that he orders every time. He pretty much picks where he wants to eat based on the dish he wants to get. So, following the same idea, I decided to list some of my favorite dishes rather than some of my favorite places :)

Reuben with Pastrami – Katz’s Deli (NYC, NY)
I have not been to Katz’s in 2+ years, and this is still my favorite sandwich. Living in Texas, it’s been hard to find pastrami that is as flavorful, juicy, and tender as the one I had at Katz’s. Every Yelp review that claims a place here has pastrami “as good as NY deli’s” has been a lie so far. Top it with some sauerkraut and cheese, and it makes for an amazing sandwich.

Reuben with pastrami

Tonkotsu Original – Ramen Tatsuya (Austin, TX)
Austin was actually lacking good ramen places until Tatsuya came along and hyped it up. The hype for Tatsuya was worth it though. The Tonkotsu Original uses a creamy and rich pork broth, and Tatsuya makes their own noodles. Plus, I like that they use pork belly for the pork pieces. It tastes better and since it’s so tender, it’s easier to break apart and eat.

Tonkotsu Original

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Enjoying the sun while it lasts

April 1st, 2014 by Cat

The weather has been kind of frustrating lately, which made us fall behind on the dreaded yard work. It rains on days when we have time for yard work, but it’s nice and sunny on days we don’t. The result? Crabgrass has taken over our lawn D: It took us three days to pull all of it out of our front yard!

So, our front yard looks normal now. Our back yard, on the other hand… SIGH


But, that’s enough talk about yard work. We’ve been trying to enjoy the warm and sunny days as they come. The weather was beautiful over the weekend, so we decided to have dinner at an outdoors location.

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