Japan 2016, part 1: Beginning in Tokyo

August 18th, 2016

Here’s the start of my Japan trip entries! I went with my husband and one of my closest friends, and we left for Japan on July 31st, but because of the large time zone difference, we landed in Tokyo in the afternoon on August 1st. There isn’t much to say about the first day since we just checked into our hotel in Shinjuku, had dinner at a katsu place, and then went to bed. Two years ago, we also started our trip in Shinjuku (and at the same hotel), so it was nice to have a familiar start.

The next morning, we found a 24-hour ramen place, Ichiran Ramen, and had ramen for breakfast. The place has an interesting concept where they minimize human interaction. You select what you want from a ticket vending machine and then choose a booth, which is walled off from the others (you can move the wall if you want though). In front of you is a window that is covered by a shade, and it’s only opened when they take your food tickets and when they give you food. We also got a form to fill out to customize our ramen, from its richness to the texture of the noodles. It was a tasty and hearty start to the day!


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Japan 2016, part 0

August 13th, 2016

I’m back from a 12 day trip in Japan! After almost two weeks, I’m behind on blogging, work, personal life – pretty much everything. I have a lot to talk about and photos to post from this trip, but I’ll be splitting it up into several entries, so that they’re easier to digest. I’ll spread them out this time too, so that I can stick other entries in between.

This was actually my second trip to Japan. Two years ago, I went to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hakone, while also visiting nearby cities like Nara and Osaka. The Japan category on my blog has entries on those! This time, we stayed in Tokyo and Sendai, and we also visited nearby cities like Morioka, Shiogama, Matsushima, and Yokohama.

I normally don’t take vacation in the summer because it’s often crowded in places and really hot, but I wanted to hit the festival season in Japan. It also ended up coming at a good time. I was starting to really get tired out by work, and even blogging or updating my websites began feeling like a chore. Being away for two weeks was refreshing, and I’m ready to take on reality again.

In the mean time, I was updating my Instagram while in Japan, so you can kind of see a preview of what I was up to there. If you play Pokemon Go, I have a Facebook album with my thoughts on playing in Japan. Also, I went ahead and edited a bunch of food photos (cause they’re important, you know) and have queued them up on my food tumblr. (It’s set to post twice a day.)

I’m going to return blog comments and work on my first Japan entry soon! Here are some previews from my trip that you can expect a write-up on later :)


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On the positive side

July 29th, 2016

Aahhh, I have to admit I haven’t been in a blogging mood, hence the silence from me lately. This is mainly because I’ve just been too busy. At work, I’m barely at my desk due to a ton of meetings. When I get home, I work on cosplay, and my free time is spent on Minecraft because I just want to do something relaxing.

Some of the things going on have also been filled with stress and/or frustration, and during times like that, I find that I have to take a breather and recount the positive moments of the day to calm down. And so… this entry is kind of a “happy moments lately” type thing!

1. I watched the Voltron reboot on Netflix, liked it, and now I’m in fandom hell. Must look at all the fanarts. I don’t remember the original very well, but the reboot changes things, and I actually like the changes, especially around the characters.

2. I’ve also been loving BattleBots and am so glad a nerdy show like that has been brought back :D It’s robot fightin’ time!

3. You’re probably tired of me talking about Pokemon Go since that’s all I post on Twitter now, but it has been one of the happier moments for me. I’m going to different parks more often, and it’s just been nice to be out of the house and walking around pretty scenery.


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