Recent Purchases

August 19th, 2014 by Cat

August has been busy! I need to catch up on visiting blogs! After I finished post processing photos from San Japan (view previews), I immediately went to AnimeFest to do more photoshoots. Work has also been busy as we’re getting close to another release date, so I’ve been working late.

And well, when things are busy and stressful, retail therapy is nice ;) Here are some things I got recently.

Hello Kitty x Street Fighter figures

I actually pre-ordered these back in 2012, along with a couple plushies from the same collection. I got the plushies last year but not the figures! I figured they were sold out (I don’t get charged until they ship), so I forgot about them.

I was surprised when I got a shipping notice about them this month. I guess they managed to get more. Check them out:



I think this collection is funny because there are male Sanrio characters, not to mention Hello Kitty has a boyfriend named Dear Daniel. Yet, they use Hello Kitty for all of the characters, including Zangief. Hello Kitty with a mustache, beard, and um… chest hair. Yep.


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Landscape / cityscape tips

August 9th, 2014 by Cat

I typically tell people I specialize in 3 types of photography: photoshoots, event, and landscapes. I’d like to write entries giving tips on each type, and I figured I’d start with landscapes. Landscape photography is actually what made me interested in photography to begin with, and these are some things I’ve learned along the way! (A couple are specific to DSLRs, but not all of them are.)

Golden Hour

This really applies to any type of photography, but lighting is one of the most important aspects. The golden hour is one of the best times of day for outdoor photography, and there are two of these in a day. They are the first and last hour of sunlight, basically sunrise and sunset. During this time, the lighting is very soft and often have pleasing colors in the sky.

Sunset is the easier of the two to catch:

Shipwreck Beach (Kauai, HI) at sunset

Shipwreck Beach (Kauai, HI) at sunset

I’ve been asked whether it’s worth waking up early to catch a sunrise shot, and my answer is yes:

Shipwreck Beach (Kauai, HI) at sunrise

Shipwreck Beach (Kauai, HI) at sunrise

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A work day through photos

July 31st, 2014 by Cat

I love Tiff’s idea of recording an entire day through photos, so I decided to try the same :) I chose a work day, so all of my photos are either with my phone camera or small camera that I carry in my purse. It was less awkward to pretend I was walking while looking at my phone, when I was really using it to take photos, haha.

I’d like to do this again, perhaps on a weekend when I can carry around one of my bulky DSLRs. I also kind of went overboard on photos. There were many more that I decided not to post since I was almost at 50 photos already… Here is my day (7/29) through photos!


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