Project 52, part 2

March 2nd, 2015 by Cat

I’ve now finished 9 weeks of my Project 52, and I’m still going strong! I’m having more fun with this than with the Project 365 I did in the past. I’m actually excited to take my weekly photo, though this will probably change as I run out of ideas. Hopefully that won’t happen for a while :)

I also added a Project 52 category, and I’m posting weekly on my Flickr and Tumblr if you want to follow along. Now for a recap of weeks 5-9!

#5 – Black and White: Knives Chau
I don’t take many black and white photos, so I forced myself to for week 5. This is me dressed as Knives Chau (Scott Pilgrim movie version)! I used a white wall, a speedlight through a white flash umbrella, and wireless triggers to remotely trigger the camera and flash.


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A quick guide to DSLR settings

February 25th, 2015 by Cat

When it comes to using a DSLR, I always recommend giving the manual settings a try. After all, if you control your settings, then you also control how your photo turns out. Auto mode may try its best, but it can’t read your mind!


As someone who had to go through the same learning curve, I know that it can be confusing and take a while to get used to. However, like anything else, the more you use it, the easier it’ll get. The pay-off is worth it! Trust me!

And fear not! For I am here to help. Well um… I hope this helps at least :) I call this a “quick” guide because I skip over many technical details. Rather than going into why it works, I’ll go into how you can think about it. Let’s get started!

Thinking in terms of light

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Light is extremely important in photography. You can think of the three major manual settings in terms of how much light you are letting in.

Shutter speed

  • Is how long the shutter is open, and it’s measured in seconds. Shorter time = Faster shutter.
    Example: 1/400 second (1/400th of a second) is faster than 1/100 second.
  • It’s often compared to a water faucet. If you leave the faucet on longer, more water comes out, right? This is the same as the shutter. The longer it’s open, the more light comes in.
  • Slow shutter: longer time, more light, but higher chance of blurring your photo.
  • Fast shutter: shorter time, less light, but better for getting clear shots.

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February so far

February 19th, 2015 by Cat

To those who celebrate it, Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year! Since I don’t see my parents today, I called to wish them a “happy new year” this morning before going to work :) I’m going over to their house for a home-cooked Chinese New Year meal tomorrow!

Every year, I do an animal drawing for Chinese New Year, and it’s the year of the goat/ram/sheep this time. Here is the drawing I did for this year! (Colored with Prismacolor pencils.)


I looked up a lot of goat photos as references, and while doing that, I realized I wasn’t sure what their eyes looked like. I Googled for “goat eyes” and… goats have such weird eyes! Look at them!

Anyway, I originally had an entry planned about using manual settings on a DSLR – basically what they mean and tips on how to balance them together. It’s not quite ready yet, so this will be more of a rambling entry about my life lately :)

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