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Spam is getting creative…

February 28th, 2008

…or really desperate if they decide to use ASCII art to get through the spam filters.

I found this in my Yahoo inbox yesterday, so uh… I guess it worked!

Something’s different…

February 25th, 2008

I grew up liking stationary characters, especially Sanrio. And when we think of Sanrio, who instantly comes to mind? Hello Kitty! I first knew her with her cute overalls outfit. They then made other ones, equally cute, such as an angel, fairy, and anything else that just has a “little girl” cuteness to it.

Well, I went to Sanrio’s website recently and saw Hello Kitty like this:

What is this? Tank top and an off the shoulder shirt? Boots… with heels? (And even eyelashes?) Instead of looking at it and thinking “aawwww, how cute”, I found myself staring at it and thinking, “uuhhhhhhhh… what?” It doesn’t help that she keeps shifting her weight and winking at me. Is she trying to pick someone up?

Oh hi cutie, let’s have some ffuunnnnnnn.

This is not the Hello Kitty I once knew =(

new cosplay plans

February 22nd, 2008

I actually wished something wasn’t on sale today. I had a coupon that could have saved me more money than its sale price, but I couldn’t use it on things that weren’t regularly priced. Bastards =O I bet they make coupons like that just to draw you in, and then they put everything on sale for prices higher than the coupon would have taken off! Tricky… tricky…

Anyway, I was buying fabric today. I’ve changed the Costumes page because our cosplay plans have changed. We decided to ditch Misao/Yahiko from Rurouni Kenshin. I don’t know; I just lost interest in doing that one. I put up Pokemon and Soul Calibur 3 costumes up as works in progress instead. I had already bought materials for the Kenshin costumes too, but! Lucky me, these blues that I bought for Misao’s costume can be re-used for Talim’s.

And! The wig I bought for her can be used for Dawn.

Oh, and oh hai I actually posted a pic of myself =O