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Vacation time!

April 29th, 2008

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be spending a week in NY XD I’ve decided not to bring my laptop since I probably won’t have internets.

I packed last night, but I’m probably going to re-choose my clothes. It’s warm in Texas right now, usually over 80 degrees F, yet it’s around 60 in NY. So yeah, all those short sleeved shirts I packed, I might want to re-think.

The bf and I finally planned out what we’re going to see, although one or two days will be spent with relatives from both sides of my family. They finally get to meet my bf. Funny thing is? My dad’s side is pretty traditional and were surprised when I wasn’t dating someone Chinese… and then were surprised again when they found out he wasn’t even Asian ^^;; Oh well!

Anyway, see you next week ;)

One down, several to go

April 26th, 2008

I finally revamped my tutorials site! Please visit Himitsu! XD

free time finally?

April 22nd, 2008

I always get motivation to work on my sites at the worst times. I was working a lot last month, and then after that release, I had to move. So… I was working during the day and moving at night. Last Saturday, my last roommate and I finally cleaned up our old place and turned in the keys. Sunday and Monday I stayed at work until midnight, but! We released our stuff last night, so things should be ok until the next one. So maybe? Maybe I can work on my costumes and websites now?

The to-do list!
– revamp hachi-rokuNET (95% done)
– revamp tutorial site (80% done)
– finish review at Foobar (70% done)
– buy feathers and rest of materials for Pit costume (which I should add to my cosplay list…)
– start on patterns for Dawn costume
– plan out NY trip!
– revamp Fake Wings (10% done)
– finish requests at Fake Wings (0% done!)
– finish orders at Blue Sky (50% done)

Really, I want to revamp every single one of my sites… but eh, we’ll see if that happens XD;;