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Long days

June 25th, 2008

Bleh, I’m tired. I left work at 10PM yesterday, and it was after 11PM when I left work today. I already know tomorrow will be even later. The good thing is after tomorrow, things won’t be as busy as they have been.

Regardless, I still managed to update Himitsu with a new tutorial and a new layout. It’s ah… very simple and gradient-ish, which seems to be a phase I’m going through with my designs XD;;

I made a small order at Mandee recently, since I wasn’t sure on their sizing. Their shirts are pretty cute…

I really like the black one, but the picture doesn’t do it justice XD;; I’m not crazy about the dress though…

It makes me look… pregnant? It opens too much at the bottom! It was cheap though, so it’s probably not worth returning. I guess I could alter it myself.

Anyone else like shopping for clothes online? I need some store recommendations. I want a new summer wardrobe!

New layout!

June 7th, 2008

New layout is up! I was getting really tired of how narrow the previous layout was, so this one is more open. The images at the top are origami paper that I scanned. Anyway, I’m probably going to spend some time editing and adding to the content on this site. I’ve realized that I haven’t really touched that since this site’s opening ^^;; I also kind of want to submit this site to a few WPRs. I’m curious as to whether they are actually any good, and sometimes the easiest way to tell is to get a review from them ;)

The making of Dawn, part 3

June 6th, 2008

Sewed the sides together, took in the sleeves, but I still need to do some fitting adjustments. [reference]

Eeeeep, look how pale my legs are compared to my arms! That’s what I get for never wearing shorts! …ok, that looks really bad now that I look at it XD;; I should… work on that. Maybe it’ll get better when I start running this summer ^^;;