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Long days

June 25th, 2008

Bleh, I’m tired. I left work at 10PM yesterday, and it was after 11PM when I left work today. I already know tomorrow will be even later. The good thing is after tomorrow, things won’t be as busy as they have been.

Regardless, I still managed to update Himitsu with a new tutorial and a new layout. It’s ah… very simple and gradient-ish, which seems to be a phase I’m going through with my designs XD;;

I made a small order at Mandee recently, since I wasn’t sure on their sizing. Their shirts are pretty cute…

I really like the black one, but the picture doesn’t do it justice XD;; I’m not crazy about the dress though…

It makes me look… pregnant? It opens too much at the bottom! It was cheap though, so it’s probably not worth returning. I guess I could alter it myself.

Anyone else like shopping for clothes online? I need some store recommendations. I want a new summer wardrobe!

Late night rambles

June 23rd, 2008

It’s past midnight, and I’m doing laundry. Why? It was one of those random moments when you’re just sitting there and realize, “OH CRAP… I don’t have any clean underwear left!”

Anyway, while waiting to change laundry loads, I added more photos to the site. I was trying to find more recent ones instead of the 2004 China ones I’ve been adding lately.

The boyfriend and I actually decided to cook all weekend instead of go out for food. Saturday night, we had steaks and mashed potates. Sunday night, we made lemon baked salmon on top of seasoned rice with a salad on the side. So, that’s 2 dinners for 2 people; one’s a steak dinner; one’s a seafood dinner. The grocery bill for that was… $25! It’s amazing how much cheaper it is to cook than to eat out. It’s too bad I’m usually way too lazy to cook anything XD;;

One thing finished, many more to go

June 21st, 2008

Go visit Fake Wings!

I finally finished the new layout for it XD