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Laptops don’t like liquid

July 29th, 2008

Let me tell you of my greatness. It was on Friday, and I was about to head out to lunch with a couple co-workers. I grabbed something from my desk, which caused my cup of water to spill and partially get on my laptop. Because people were waiting on me, I quickly dried it up with some paper towels and left. I come back to find out my keyboard was totally screwed up. The left half wasn’t working, and um… it was typing by itself. I shut it down and open it up to blot some of the water underneath and dry out the keyboard. Put it back together, keyboard is still not working properly, and… monitor also stops working. wtf?

So… I leave it open to dry. Without my computer to use, I couldn’t do anything, so I left work early XD;; When I got back to the office yesterday, the laptop was still screwed. Luckily, we found out that a cable just got loose, which explains the monitor, but… the keyboard was still fried. It’s all back to normal now though because the IT guy got me a keyboard replacement. So… yeah, don’t be awesome like me and spill stuff on your laptop. Your laptop will not be happy with you.

Oh, and over the weekend, I was out of town with my family to visit my cousin and family friends. The guys were bored and decided to look at a Mercedes dealership. Well, what do you know, my dad ends up buying a Benz… AN E-CLASS BENZ (E550). His old car was a 2000 Acura TL, and last year, I got a 2007 Acura TL. I used to joke with him that he let his daughter get a better car than him. I guess he decided to do something about that. Eh… yeah, that’s a battle I’ll let him win.

Holy rusted metal, Batman!

July 22nd, 2008

I’ve been looking forward to the new Batman movie, and I finally saw it Saturday night on a gigantic movie theater screen. In other words: IMAX. I loved it. I thought it was such a good movie. I’ve actually been pretty happy with the super hero movies that have been out lately. I thought Iron Man was awesome. I also enjoyed the Incredible Hulk. And, here we are with Batman, which was quite epic.

But, I won’t say anymore about the movie because you all should just go see it =) I have to say though, I’ve always been a Batman fan. While I knew of Iron Man, I didn’t give much attention to him until the movie, and now I’m becoming his fan too. Maybe it’s the nerd in me, but I love the super heroes that are… well, not super. They don’t have super powers. They’re just really smart. It’s the power of knowledge to make… really cool gadgets… that can kick ass. …Yes.

(Ok… yeah, I just had to reference Robin in my subject line because as fruity as his costume is, I’ve always liked him. It’s an actual line from a past movie though!)

What? Exercise?

July 16th, 2008

I’ve been meaning to get back into running for a while now but was too lazy to buy new running shoes. The other day, I finally dragged my ass over to Academy after work and bought a pair of Nike trail running shoes.

me: Should I run before or after work?
boyfriend: Before.
me: But… I can’t wake up that early… I’ll do it after work…
boyfriend: Why do you ask me if you weren’t going to listen to me?
me: …FINE. I’ll do it in the morning.

So… One, I’m out of shape. Two, I am NOT a morning person. Three, I am really, really NOT a morning person. Ughhh… I did it anyway, yesterday. The sad part was, the weather forecast claimed it was going to rain. When I woke up, I was really hoping it was raining, so I’d have an excuse to not run. It wasn’t though. I reluctantly got out of bed and got ready.

I planned a 2.2 mile route for myself (using MapMyRun) but didn’t really think about elevation. Well, the area around me is full of HILLS. At least half of my run was going uphill. I need to re-think where I run… Anyway, my body hates me now. It’s probably saying, “What the hell is wrong with this slacker that usually spends her whole day in front of the computer. THIS WORK IS TOO HARD.”