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An eventful weekend

August 31st, 2008

It’s Labor Day weekend, and I decided to turn a 3-day weekend into a 4-day one by taking Friday off. My brother, his girlfriend, and I loaded into a car and drove 3 hours up to Dallas. I dropped them off at my cousin’s place, and then I drove to see my friend Jack, who is also my cosplaying partner XD;; And well, what is cosplaying without a con. We went to AnimeFest the next day.

AnimeFest pictures

My first time at this particular con, and it was pretty fun. Jack and I, unfortunately, didn’t have new costumes ready for it. Not because we didn’t have time. We just… haven’t felt like sewing lately. I decided to drag our Trauma Center costumes back out, which we wore in February for Ikkicon.

This one is a fun one to wear, mainly because barely anyone does Trauma Center costumes! It feels awesome when people are excited to see you. I’ve realized we’re a little dated though XD;; Now that Trauma Center 2 is out, Derek and Angie don’t wear blue and pink scrubs anymore!

On the way back from the con, we picked up a cat for a friend. It used to be entered in cat shows, but is now retired, so the owners were selling it. My friend fell in love with it when it was at a cat show in Austin, but she didn’t get it at that time. It’s back again for a show in Arlington, but since she’s out of town this weekend, I picked it up for her. You might not believe me when I say it looks just like Garfield, but… HE DOES:

Mr. Peanut

Anyway, now I’m back in Austin, and I’m exhausted. I still have tomorrow off, so I guess I will take it easy =P

Confession: I am a wuss

August 26th, 2008

I really am when it comes to horror games like the Resident Evil series, yet I still play them. My first was Resident Evil 1 when it was ported to Gamecube. I was pretty much traumatized by my first run in with a Crimson Head, but… let’s not get into that. I still managed to go through the game and beat it twice.

And well, here I am, now playing through the Resident Evil 4 port for Wii. I’ve been doing pretty well so far, even through parts which I reluctantly had to do.

Oh you know… like having to pull a lever that is right next to a Garrador with long claws and has his eyelids sewn together, then having him attack me right away. Or perhaps being trapped in a sewer with a Verdugo chasing after me, randomly attacking me from the ceiling and sometimes running after me to pummel me. Those rank up pretty high on the “omg omg OMFG” scale.

I finally broke down when I reached an area where they performed experiments, and thus, there were dead bodies laying around. Memories came back of dead bodies picking themselves back up and chasing after me (Crimson Heads).

me: Can you… check next to that body for me…?
boyfriend: No, I’m not playing the game for you.
me: PPlleeaasseeeee, just check there for me???
boyfriend: Fine. *takes controller and walks behind body* Look, there’s a keycard.
me: Grab the keycard and leave the room.
boyfriend: No, I already got you here. You do the rest.
me: But but but… I really don’t want to. It’ll probably trigger something…
boyfriend: I’m not playing the game for you!
me: Answer this question. I won’t play! Until you answer this question! …will that dead guy attack me…?
boyfriend: Which dead guy?
me: That one! RIGHT THERE!
boyfriend: No, it won’t.
me: …ok…

So yeah… I got the keycard… didn’t get attacked by a dead guy. Instead, I ran into a Regenerator. That is just equally… BAD.

Hello wiener

August 20th, 2008

Work gives us shirts after each release, and well, they’re always too big for me, even though I get the smallest size. This 3/4 sleeve shirt was too long; it went below my butt and the sleeves almost reached my wrists. So… I altered it!

The second picture shows how much I cut off the sleeves and bottom. I then hemmed them, and also took in the sides a little. Now it’s a cute T-shirt :3

Anyway, it’s been a while since I last drew something, so I decided to pick it up again. My subject of choice is… Hyrule! This is my cousin, Chris’s, wiener dog.

Isn’t he ccuuttee? XD I’m going to do it in Prismacolor pencils. I always start with something basic in a soft lead (4B in this case)…

…and then I color over it with Prismacolor. Here is where I am now…

Unfortunately, I messed up a little on the proportions of his face, but it’s a little too late to try and erase that now ^^;;