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Happy Anniversary

October 29th, 2008

Side note: Gah, this domain and Twilight-Realm were down for several hours today due to emergency maintance on the server. Makes me glad I chose to spread my 5 domains over 3 different hosting accounts. When shit happens, it doesn’t take them all down at once. And now back to your regulary scheduled blog post.


I glanced over at him while driving, “Do you remember the day we got together? You played DDR drunk.”

“Heh, it was the mode with two pads too.”

“I was hanging out with someone that night… Paul? Yeah! Paul. Then, I called you or you called me…?”

“Yeah, I called you from Ryan’s.”

“And I told you we were at Einsteins. Then you went to Einsteins Bagels instead of Einsteins Arcade!”

He laughed, “I got there, and it was closed. I was like, where are you guys?!

“Then later that night we went back to my place and played Mario Kart. That was the first night you slept over.”

And here we are 3 years later, still together. Sorry folks, no romantic story here. We just love our gaming.

Happy 3rd to us with more to come.

In bits

October 27th, 2008

I’m too lazy to uh… do anything, including writing a blog entry about the past few days. Summarization time!

1) Good seats, good venue, great music, great performance — Nine Inch Nails is pretty awesome live in concert. Ghostland Observatory opened for them and were also really good.

Ghostland Observatory NIN

2) My company had our first ever user conference on Friday and Saturday, and it looked like our users really enjoyed it. It was cool to meet people who use our product.

3) I went to jury duty today and wasn’t selected for any of the three cases they needed jurors for. Whoooooo.

4) Attempted turtle escape!


To be honest, I don’t think he meant to do that. It’s our blind turtle who probably had no idea where he was and what to do now that he got up there XD;;

This and that

October 23rd, 2008

I guess some people run into Manga Addiction through search engines. A few times I’ve gotten e-mails asking me to scan my mangas so that they could read them. Umm… what the crap? These books are well over 100 pages. I’m not going to spend hours scanning them. A couple times it was from people who live in countries that don’t sell much manga. I can understand that, but there are online store options (and scanalations).

I also had a conversation with a friend recently on how I refuse to buy manga in local bookstores now. The manga sections are always filled with teenagers that block my way because they’re sitting in front of the shelves, reading mangas in their entirety that they have no plans on buying. The manga on the shelves have enough wear because of this that I refuse to pay full price for them. Not to mention, sometimes the spine is already damaged, and at that point, it’s not worth buying at all.

Anyway, enough of the manga rant. My next few days will be busy!
Today: Leaving work a little early to drive out of town for a Nine Inch Nails concert. Driving back right afterwards.
Tomorrow: Bright and early at 7AM for my company’s user conference. It goes until 6PM, when we’ll move to a bar for a party.
Saturday: Yet again at 7AM for the user conference that goes until noon. Then it’s off to a friend’s place for football and poker.
Monday: I show up for JURY DUTY, AARRGGGG.