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Happy holidays!

December 27th, 2008

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! My brother and I arrived in LA, California yesterday, luckily on time and without any problems. My 3 cousins flying in from NY and NJ weren’t as fortunate, with some small delays. But, we’re all here and celebrated Christmas together last night. The amount of video games I’ve received (and will be receiving) is kind of insane, but it makes the gamer happy! Here’s all of them:

DS: Chrono Trigger
PS2: Kingdom Hearts, FFX
Wii: Okami, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles
Xbox 360: The Last Remnant, Fable II, Mirror’s Edge

Making a total of 8 games! I’m… I’m going to be busy for a while XD;;

Anyway, before I head out, plugs to shattered-wingsNET! I finally put up a new layout for it!

Dumbest things on the market

December 21st, 2008

While watching TV with my boyfriend today, we saw the commercial for Snuggie, the “blanket with sleeves”. Excuse me but… a blanket with sleeves is basically a robe worn backwards. It also shows people using them outdoors. However, if it’s cold outside, wouldn’t you use, you know, a jacket or coat? Those have sleeves too, with the bonus of not looking stupid.

I also watch a lot of late night TV, and while not all of the products are dumb, their commercials are. One I saw recently was for a fountain pen.
Can you imagine doing this with your fountain pen? [guy throws it into a dart board]
Or how about this? [guy STABS a soda can with it]
And then be able to write smoothly with it? [guy begins writing with it]
Clearly, I need this product. I don’t know about you, but I always stab soda cans before writing a letter.

The worst is probably the commercial for a hearing device that amplifies sound. It starts by showing an old woman having a hard time hearing. This makes sense to me. A hearing device is good for hearing difficulties. However, it then shows a younger woman eavesdropping on her neighbors with it. Then it shows a young man using it to listen in on 2 women at a party. Something is wrong when a product seems to market towards stalkers.

Anyway, let’s shift the topic from shit-astic products to awesome ones. My boyfriend and I opened our gifts to each other today since we’re both going to be out of town soon. Here is what he got me for Christmas!

Chrono Trigger (DS) with bonus music CD, Muse’s Origin of Symmetry album, and Soilwork’s Sworn to a Great Divide album. I love them all! I actually got him similar items. Instead of a DS game, I bought him Boom Blox for Wii. Instead of melodic death metal (Soilwork), I got him a progressive metal album (Dream Theater). I also got him a new jacket and a few packs of candy. It’s nice to have the same game and music interests as your significant other!

Yeah, ok, it’s winter

December 16th, 2008

I. NEED. GLOVES. It became apparent to me that although I’ve been buying myself new winter clothing, I failed to get gloves. It’s not something that is usually needed in Texas, but it’s been surprisingly cold lately, which has made my steering wheel very cold. My car has seat warmers, or as my dad calls them “ass warmers”, which solves the cold leather seat problem, but there is no equivalent for the steering wheel!

I can’t wait until the 23rd, which is when I’ve decided to start taking vacation from work. My brother and I are going to California to see our cousins, with plane tickets that my parents paid for as Christmas gifts to us. My dad tried to convince us to not check in a bag and avoid the $15 fee for it. Before that ridiculous “fee” was around, I already hated it when people tried to forcefully stuff big suitcases into the overhead carry on bins. Now, everyone is probably doing it to avoid a measly $15. If that was just included in the ticket price, I bet no one would notice. During that conversation, something else came up.

Dad: Are you guys going to drive yourself to the airport?
Me: Wait, what? You’re not working that day! Why can’t you take us?
Dad: Yeah, but you can just leave your car there, so I don’t have to pick you up too.
Me: So… you don’t want us to spend $15 to check in our bags, but you’re ok with the $40 for leaving my car there.
Dad: You see, since I paid for your tickets, the $15 gets charged back to me. You would pay for the parking fee.
Me: …thanks dad.

Is it sad that I want to steal a gift I bought for someone else? I bought my boyfriend a Dream Theater album, and man, I want that too. On the topic of music, I’ll end my entry with 3 songs I’ve been addicted to lately:
Still Alive (Mirror’s Edge theme, Lisa Miskovsky – pop)
These Walls (Dream Theater – progressive rock)
Claw the Clouds (Satariel – melodic death metal)