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Random thoughts

March 30th, 2009

Our turtles no longer scatter away when we get close. They do, however, seem to look at us with suspicion.


I got tickets to Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction. Sweeeeeet. Next up is to get Metallica tickets!

I went to Video Games Live on Saturday, which is a concert that plays orchestrial video game music. It’s nice to be a female gamer. When I went to the restroom during intermission, the men’s restroom had a long line. There was none for the women’s. Har har har.

I fail at Ikea furniture. I got a cabinet for underneath my desk, and I made all of the drawers backwards. Whoops. (I had to re-do them.)

I’m finally on the last chapter or so of the Watchmen. I was told that my friends who read it, loved the movie, while ones that didn’t, did not enjoy it so much. I’ll probably watch the movie on Wednesday!

It’s a good thing yaoi manga are plastic wrapped. When Eva sent manga to my work place, I was so tempted to read some Junjou Romantica. (Thanks a bunch for them though XD)

I discovered an awesome new snack thanks to a friend: Wasabi Tempura Seaweed snacks. It’s like 3 good things all combined into one. Amazing. But, I ate them all =(

Due to the lack of a better conclusion: END.


March 25th, 2009

I am finally done moving! It’s felt so busy lately. Both my boyfriend and I took a day off when movers came to move our furniture. I also worked from home a couple days to take care of stuff at the previous aparment and spent some of my lunch breaks shopping for miscellaneous things needed at the new place.

I’m looking into wall decorations now, like art and frames. I plan on buying wall decals from blik. We have 3 huge mirrors in our living room area, and I think it’d be cool to put these bamboo decals on them. I also like the idea of putting a Threadless decal above our bed.

Recently I decided to buy a Notebook cooler because my personal laptop seems to heat up badly after a while. While at Fry’s, I just picked out the cheapest, decent looking one, and well, it ended up being great. I got this Antec one for $15. It fits my 14″ laptop well and is amazingly quiet. Even its “high” setting is barely noticable.


Now for other computer talk! This is what I have for my soon-to-be computer so far.


The monitors are 22″ and 20″ (my boyfriend took the other 22″). I recently got a power supply that was on sale, and a friend was awesome and gave me an extra “gaming grade” mouse she had. Not pictured is the video card mentioned in my previous post because it ended up being defective and sent back. Whenever I get the replacement, I’ll start ordering the remaining parts.

Anyway, after cleaning our new place a bit, I’ll post pictures!

Happy Birthday

March 13th, 2009

…to me! Thanks to those who have already sent me birthday wishes and/or gifts =D When I mentioned last month about how one of my previous birthdays fell on a Friday the 13th, I didn’t realize it would happen again this year XD;; Anyway, I turned 24 today. No, this isn’t going to be one of those “OMG I’M OLD” entries, because well, I’m not, and I find those pretty silly. There’s plenty of time to worry about being old later, and being in your 20s is far from it.

I actually have no plans for today though. I made plans around my birthday but not actually on it. My weekend is booked with lunch and dinner plans, and I celebrated my birthday last night with friends at our favorite sushi restaurant. It was like a joint birthday celebration since 2 of my friends also have birthdays around this time. Maybe I’ll just make my boyfriend cook me a steak dinner tonight ;)

Time for some computer talk! For months, I’ve been wanting to build a computer since I currently only have laptops. I decided to wait until my boyfriend and I moved into our new place. However, we’ve been buying some parts as we see them on sale. I already bought 2 of these 22″ monitors, and this video card is coming in soon. Now I’m looking at cases, with my eye on these 2 right now.

comp_case_01 comp_case_02

In terms of looks, I like the green one a lot. I just find it so sleek, and I like that color. But for functionality, the silver one is better. Its USB and music ports are accessible without opening the front case, it has a bigger fan, and its corners won’t cut you when working on it (apparently a problem with the green one). I’m still looking around, so I guess I’ll decide later. I can’t wait until I have all the parts to put together!