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Month of May

May 19th, 2009

6th – Saw the Wolverine movie. I understand changing things for time or better story flow, but a lot of it felt off. I hate that they turned Deadpool into an overpowered villain when he’s not. Not a fan of the movie.

12th – Saw Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction live in concert. JA played a longer half and even had the encore. While they played a good performance, I was really there for NIN and wished they played more.

14th – Met up with a bunch of my college friends for dinner at a great pizza place. A couple months ago, we decided to do big meets up more often and now plan monthly dinners.

16th – Saw a nice sized and priced aquarium on Craigslist for our turtles, and immediately bought it from the guy the same day. It’s quite the size difference from before (55 gallon vs 20 gallon).

17th – Saw Star Trek in an IMAX theater. Though I wasn’t a Star Trek fan before, I really liked the movie.

19th – Bought The Offspring tickets. Will be seeing them perform live tonight!

21st – Taking 2 days off, which leads to a 5 day weekend since we get the 25th off at work for Memorial day. My cousin from LA is visiting.

29th – I head to Dallas to meet up with Jack, my cosplaying partner. Him, Tina, and I are going to an Anime con, A-kon, the next day.

May has felt more eventful than usual! Unfortunately, it’s busy too since my work is doing a release very soon. It probably doesn’t help that I’m taking a couple days off, but I guess I will just have to work hard to make sure I don’t fall behind XD;;

Butt racing fame

May 11th, 2009

I hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day weekend! I decided to bake cookies for the occassion and tried using pieces of Andes chocolate mint instead of chocolate chips. They are awesome, and I must make them again.


I also attended a wedding on Saturday for one of my boyfriend’s co-workers. While there, another co-worker mentioned our butt racing video. What is butt racing? It’s a stop motion where people are racing by sliding on their butts! You get into position, take a photo, move a little, take another photo, etc. This gets put together as an animation.

Well, 3 years ago, my friends and I made our own. I was the photographer, and 8 of my friends were the racers. My boyfriend put the resulting animation up on YTMND as ACM Butt Race Xtreme. Because of the YTMND image size limit, we had to compress the animated GIF a lot just to be able to upload it. That’s why the images are so low quality. But, a random fan took it and turned it into a YouTube video anyway.

Well, when the co-worker mentioned our video, he said he saw it… on TV? Apaprently some channel was showing some clips, one of which might have been our butt race. I haven’t seen it myself, so I can’t verify if it’s really our’s. I have to say that I’m excited just at the possibility of it. Maybe I’ll finally redo the video with higher quality photos.

Anyway! To end the entry, here are some of the individual photos, which look pretty funny. When you think about it, they had to stay still in these awkward positions while I took the photo XD;;

Notice that a racer is always partially hidden. He’s holding up the cooler lid.
Butt race

4 out of 13 shots needed for the stairway crash.
Butt race

Falling in slow motion.
Butt race

Shoddy advertisement and completed work

May 5th, 2009

Yesterday morning, I noticed a van with a big company logo on it parked next to my car. I think nothing of it until I leave for work a little after and saw the van gone and a business card on my window. Looking around, no other car had it. My first thought was, did he leave contact info because he hit my car?! I inspect my car multiple times, not finding any dents. My car was also dirty, so I couldn’t tell what was a scratch or just a dirty mark.

Confused, I shrug it off and get into my car to leave for work. That’s when I take a closer look at the card and realize it’s for a mobile car wash service. The guy was probably driving around my apartment’s parking lot looking for dirty cars to place his business card on. Yeah, gee, thanks. He won’t be getting any business from me =P

Anyway, it’s funny how at work, I’m totally organized and always get my work done on time or early. Yet, in my personal life, I lack that. I realized recently that I have less than a month before A-kon and thus, have been working on my costume a lot lately. I’m pleased to say that I now have… NEKU SHORTS. [View reference]


I am still missing belt loops, but I’m waiting for the belt to come in first. I have been posting progress each step of the way on my Cosplay Log if you’re curious as to how I made it! Next up, time to make the shirt!