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Revisiting a hobby

July 23rd, 2009

I’d say it’s been years since I last was really into Anime/manga. For the past 5 or so years, I’ve kept up with a few yaoi series, but nothing else really. I was recently at a Barnes and Nobles and decided to just buy a couple manga while I was there. I ended up with Katekyo Hitman Reborn and D.Gray-Man, both of which I liked. That has sparked my interest in Anime/manga again! I already have 2 online orders of manga coming in.

In addition to that, it made me realize I haven’t touched my Netflix account in a while, even though I’m still paying for it. I logged in to see I’ve had a DVD since December. Yeah, I’ve had the same DVD for over 7 months. So, I’ve turned in the DVD and upgraded my account to have unlimited streaming. This let’s me stream Netflix to my TV through my Xbox 360. 

This brings the question of, any recommendations? I tend to like shounen and shounen-ai/yaoi series.

Other than that, I got my hair cut a couple weeks ago. Click for picture! I remember when I was young, I used to get upset if my hair was cut too short. Now, I just get tired of it sometimes, and welcome the change XD;;

My co-workers have also decided that next week we’ll be doing a taco week, where every day we go to a different quality taco place for lunch. We’ve joked about it for a while, and now we’re finally going to do it. So far we have TacoDeli, Torchy’s, El Chilito, and Maria’s Taco Xpress picked out. We just need a 5th!

Anyway, I’m excited for tomorrow. My friends and I are seeing Tool live in concert =) Should be a good show!

New pet and meme

July 8th, 2009

I hope everyone in the US had a happy 4th! I hung out with friends that day and then we caught a fireworks show. Another thing also happened over the weekend. We got a new turtle! Say hello to Speedy:


My parents also have 4 turtles (well, we got ours from them actually), and they’ve grown enough that my parents want to set them free into a nearby lake. However, one of them didn’t grow much and was still really small. My boyfriend and I decided to take that one in instead, so now Speedy joins our turtle family =) She isn’t used to human contact like our turtles are and is slowly getting used to us.

This means we now have 4 female turtles and just 1 male. How can we tell? Take a look at Blinkin, our only male turtle:


Look at those claws! If you look back at Speedy’s picture, Blinkin’s claws are much longer, and though not pictured, his tail is also bigger. Now whenever you’re at a turtle pond, you can impress random people with your knowledge of turtle genders ;)

And now for a meme! Tagged by Ongaku!

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