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Conference and cat-sitting

August 27th, 2009

Well, I didn’t go to work today and won’t be tomorrow either. Today was the first day of the 3 day Lone Star Ruby Conference for this year. Since we use Ruby on Rails at work, our company let anyone who was interested go and even paid for our registration. Almost every tester and developer signed up, including me. I’ve never been before, so this should be a helpful experience!

Recently, my boyfriend and I have barricaded our turtle tank. It looks odd, but got to work with what you have, right?


Why, you ask? See that cat? That’s Mr. Peanut. As innocent as he may look…


…he onced jumped into a tub of dirty turtle water and on a separate occassion, actually jumped into the turtle tank. I remember that morning when my boyfriend and I stepped out of our bedroom. We saw Peanut sitting on the couch, soaking wet, trying to act as if nothing was out of the ordinary. However, the trail of water from the turtle tank, under the dining table, into the living room, onto the coffee table, leading up to his soaking wet body on the couch was a big hint that something had happened. (No turtles were harmed however, which is good.)

Anyway, Peanut is over again because we’re taking care of him while my friend is on a business trip. So far, so good. No turtle incidents have happened. But! Now it’s time for bed. The conference starts at 9AM tomorrow morning, and man do I hate waking up early.


August 9th, 2009

My parents and brother arrived in North Carolina today after 2 days of driving. My brother is moving there to study for a PhD in Pharmacy at UNC. We’re less than 2 years apart in age, so we’ve always been close growing up. Though I’ll miss having him around here, UNC was his top choice for graduate school. I’m happy for him that he got in and is able to go!

Anyway, I got a lot of nifty goodies lately, so I thought I’d share =) A couple weeks ago, my brother took a trip to Taiwan and Japan and bought these Engrish shirts. I love how they don’t make sense XD Click the thumbnails for the full picture.

engrish_shirt_thumb_01 engrish_shirt_thumb_02 engrish_shirt_thumb_03

His roommate also had these Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel plushies for some reason. He bought them in Taiwan a while ago and was just going to trash them. Luckily, my mom saw them and saved them! They now have a home in my aparment ;)


An odd thing about them is that they all have McDonald’s symbols on them. I wonder if they were Happy Meal toys?


And lastly, a couple entries ago, I mentioned we got a new turtle which we named Speedy. Well, we named her after Speedy in World of Warcraft. FigurePrints was selling limited edition figures of it, so I immediately asked my boyfriend to get it for me. (Really, more like threatened to do horrible things if he didn’t.)


Other than that, nothing much has been happening in my life, mainly work. I’ve had to work some long hours last week due to a release coming up. I also know that the next few days will require me to stay late too. Oh well, that’s just how it is sometimes!