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Cute new toys

September 22nd, 2009

Something I’ve noticed that’s become popular lately is Vocaloids. Vocaloid is a synthesizer program that comes with a voice blank that you can use to synthesize singing in Japanese. They also have a character vocal series, and my favorite has got to be Rin and Len. Not only do I think they’re cute, but I tend to like songs sung by them over the other characters.

So… when I saw nendoroid versions of them, I. Could. Not. Resist. I bought them immediately. They came in just yesterday! Each comes with 3 facial expressions, 1 blank face, 2 extra legs, 1 extra arm, and 1 prop.

Rin and Len nendoroids

Rin and Len nendoroids


Eeee, aren’t they adorable?! XD Here are a few songs done with Rin and Len’s voices together:

Magnet | Cantarella | Meltdown | Adolescence | Romeo & Cinderella | Trick & Treat

They have several others, and you can also find different versions of these songs with different characters mixed together.

Labor Day weekend

September 7th, 2009

It’s nice to have a 3-day weekend! I didn’t have work today since it’s Labor Day. It came at a good time since I went out of town for an Anime convention on Friday, so I got an extra day of rest when I got back on Sunday.

On Saturday, I went to AnimeFest with Jack and Jess. Since the last con, I’ve improved our Neku and Beat (The World Ends With You) costumes by remaking several parts, the most major being Neku’s wig and shoes. So, we used those costumes again, and Jess went as Misa (Death Note). I took a lot of pictures at the con, and we got new Neku and Beat ones too, so click the thumbnails below to get to the galleries!

animefest_09_gallery twewy_gallery

I didn’t buy a lot of stuff this time, since the last con I went to was only a few months ago. I did buy this awesome CD folder though.


Anyway, that was a fun con! Thanks to Jess, we did another Neku and Beat photoshoot that she directed and took for us. I’ll end this entry with a few of my favorites from it!