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Month of costuming

October 16th, 2009

With Halloween coming up in a couple weeks, I’ve started to do more work on my Sakura (Street Fighter) costume. Here’s my progress so far!

Sakura progress

I finished the skirt, which actually took me 2 tries. On my first try, I finished the skirt completely, only to find that I didn’t account for hip room, so the fit didn’t look right. Instead of trying to fix it, I started over. The red Converse sneakers are also new shoes that came in just recently. What’s left is: make the top, style the wig, make her fighting gloves. Hopefully, I’ll be done in time!

I also finally put content onto the Costumes section of my Cosplay blog. My next project after Sakura’s costume with be not one, not two, but THREE Code Geass costumes, which will be worn in June. I’m making a Suzaku costume for myself, Lelouch for Jess, and Lloyd for Jack. I… um… have a lot of work to do. Yeahhh.

Website productivity

October 8th, 2009

Sometimes I feel like I strive for practicality and cleanliness so much that I want to make something impractical, messy, and… well, on crack. (No, not me on crack, the layout.) Thus, I decided to change shattered-wingsNET’s layout.

It’s inspired by (and uses lyrics from) Franz Ferdinand’s Ulysses. Though simple looking, it surprisingly took me a long time to make due to choosing lyrics and images, then scanning and editing the images, and finally coding and formatting everything to have the right placement.

In other site related news, I have yet another new site! Sort of! After seeing Gel start a Project 365, I’ve been wanting to try it too. So, I made a tumblr where I add the photos twice a week. The idea of this is to take a photo everyday, not necessarily of yourself, to document your life. I love taking photos, but I imagine it’d get tiring having to do it every day. We’ll see how it goes XD;;

Recently, I got to see Metallica live in concert, so I’m really happy to be able to cross them off of my “bands I must see” list. There are a couple concerts left that might interest me, but my concert schedule for this year is pretty much done. Perhaps I will write a post later to recap the shows I’ve been to in 2009 :3