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Happy Birthday!

November 19th, 2009

…to my boyfriend! Like every year since we’ve been together, I made him a special cake related to a video game. Past years: Jigglypuff, Kirby, and Companion Cube.

What did I do this year? I made…



No, I didn’t misspell it. It is indeed a “sandvich”, which is an item in Team Fortress 2. My boyfriend loves that game, and I also think the sandvich video is funny, so I decided on that this year :3

The bread pieces are made of yellow cake, and some of the left over cake was used to make the tomatoes. The lettuce, cheese, and meat is just rolled out fondant. All the cake pieces are also covered with fondant. I’m pretty happy with it! I think my fondant technique is getting better. I crumb coated and refrigerated the cakes for a day before covering this time. It made it so much easier. I’m not sure why I didn’t do that on my past cakes!

Anyway, we’re celebrating with friends at a BBQ place for dinner. Looking forward to it! I love Texas BBQ so much XD

Busy month

November 1st, 2009

Happy November! I hope everyone remembered to adjust their clocks for daylight savings =) October was a busy month for me, but I’m hoping November won’t be. There were 3 “major” events that happened in October.

Company user conference
On the 22nd was my company’s 2nd annual user conference. It’s a 2 day conference where our users can come get training and ask questions about our product. It went well, though it was tiring. I’m used to just walking into work at 10AM, but I had to be at the conference by 7AM. I am so not a morning person!

Happy Anniversary
The 29th marked my boyfriend and I being together for 4 years! We decided to just stay in and cook dinner together. We made pasta with a spicy cheese sauce, and then had brownies and ice cream for dessert while watching a movie. Nothing special, just a relaxing night :3

This is what really made my month busy. I had to finish both my costume and help my friend with her’s. I went as Sakura from Street Fighter, and my friend was Ms. Pacman:


We stopped by a party then went downtown. 6th St. is lined with bars, and the street is closed off to cars at night so people can walk around. On Halloween, it’s always packed with people walking around in costume. Since Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, it was insanely crowded. It was still fun though, especially to see some of the creative costumes people came up with XD

Anyway, for better pictures of my costume, see this entry on my cosplay blog :3