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The holidays

December 29th, 2009

I hope everyone had a happy holiday! I’ve been spending the past week or so at my parents’ place, which means… I haven’t been able to use my computer! I’ve been on my old laptop instead. Since it’s slow and doesn’t have my files on it, I’ve just been using it to check e-mail and not much else. Now to play some catch up on what’s been up lately.

First off, my brother is in town! He moved for grad school this year and came home for Christmas. Also on Christmas Eve, Eva and her family drove down to spend a few days with us. It was so great and fun to be all together again! Her brother also took some awesome pictures for me of my Sakura costume. I finally made a costume page for it on my Cosplay account:

Sakura photos

Not including the gifts posted in my previous entry, here are the rest of the gifts I got!


(manga, body scrub, 7x7x7 cube, tokidoki coasters, wallet)

And… my parents really did buy me a stand mixer!

Stand mixer

The 28th and the 30th are my mom’s and brother’s birthdays, so I’ll be testing it out by making a white cake and buttercream frosting with it =D Anyway, it’s time for me to head back to my parents’ place (stopped by mine for a bit to check on some things). I’ll see you all next year!

December so far

December 21st, 2009

I seem to be having bad luck this month when it comes to my car. In this month alone, my car was hit twice. I’m very fortunate that no one got hurt and the damage to the car was minor both times. The dumb thing is that the 2 situations could have been avoided. In both accidents, my car was stopped. Yes, that’s right. They hit a stationary car.

The first happened early this month as I was waiting at a red light. Next thing I know, I’m suddenly rear ended. We pull over to exchange information, and the lady looked embarrassed and apologized for not paying attention. Apparently she was looking for something in her car and just didn’t notice.

The second happened just a couple days ago. I was waiting to turn left onto a street. amd there was a car about to turn left onto the street I was on. When she turned, she didn’t do it wide enough and scraped the front driver’s side of my car. I could totally see it coming. She was getting too close to me, so I honked, hoping she’d notice and adjust. But nope. She still hit me.

I’m really annoyed that I have to deal with reporting a claim again and getting my car fixed when I got it back fixed only 2 weeks ago. I’m currently waiting for them to accept liability, and I’m hoping the rest of this goes smoothly.

In other, and more happy, news, I’ve cheated a little! I’ve already opened 2 of my Christmas gifts. My boyfriend went out of town to see his family, so we opened our’s early. My friend came over to exchange gifts, so we just opened them too. My boyfriend got me the 2nd Metalocalypse season and album, and my friend got me a colorful silicone whisk and smore flavored lip gloss.


They also got me more Rubik’s cubes! This mirror cube is from my boyfriend. All of the sides are the same color and the pieces are different sizes.

Mirror Cube

My friend got me Rubik’s pepper and salt mills! They look so much like real Rubik’s cubes! Only the top turns though to grind the salt/pepper.

Rubik's Salt/Pepper mills

Though I’m done with Christmas shopping, I’m still busy before the holidays. I have so much cleaning to do! My apartment has become a mess, so I’ve been trying to clean every room. I don’t think I’ve posted photos of my whole apartment yet, so maybe I’ll do that when I’m done =)

New layout and another new toy

December 13th, 2009

New layout! The previous layout was on here way too long, so I finally put a new layout together. (Yes, it’s again red and Asian-looking.) This layout features an image from the game, Okami. I also realize a lot of the content on this site hasn’t been updated in a while, which I’m going to try and work on during the holiday break!

I’m also happy to say that almost all of my Christmas shopping is done XD I started ordering gifts in November, and now I’m just waiting for some of the last items to arrive in the mail. Most of my online ordering has been done on Amazon, with a few things from ThinkGeek and ShanaLogic as well.

Something else that came in recently is the DSLR I mentioned in my previous post. Here it is! The Canon EOS 50D with a 28-135mm lens!

Canon EOS 50D

I spent today looking through its manual and trying it out on random things around the apartment. Like… toys!


And turtles!


Then my boyfriend and I took a walk at a trail near our place that runs along a creek, and took more pics there!



I still feel like there’s a lot more I can learn about this camera, and I want to use it more before deciding on what lens to buy next. Hopefully if I continue to experiment around with the settings, I’ll get the hang of it soon =)