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Less bad than you expected

January 25th, 2010

I’ve been putting off something for a while, which is upgrading my home computer to Windows 7. Due to my previous absolutely awful experience with Vista, I was skeptical of Win7. But, I finally did it over the weekend. I’ve done reformats several times in the past so it was quick to get my computer back as before. 2 tips before reformatting:

1. Get an external hard drive and make a back up. Definitely back up your personal files like pictures and music, but also don’t forget stuff from programs (favorites in browsers, custom patterns/brushes in Photoshop, game config and save files, etc). My Documents and your Fonts folder are also good things to back up.

2. Look through your programs, and make a list of what you’ll need to reinstall. It’ll be quicker to get it all back when you know exactly what you need. Don’t forget that you also need to reinstall some drivers, like printer and graphics drivers.

Anyway, Win7 is like this Penny Arcade comic. It’s not bad. I haven’t had any major grievances yet, though I did edit a lot of the options right away. For example, I turned off UAC and all of the snapping features (snapping to the sides is not useful when you use dual monitors). I also installed my programs to a custom folder I made instead of Program Files (because it’s no longer writeable) and changed the taskbar to be similar to how I had it on XP:

Before, I was on the 32bit version of XP, so it didn’t recognize all of my memory, only about 3GB of it. I decided to use the 64bit version of Win7 this time, and TADA!
It now recognizes all 6GB! Win7 seems to run smoother in some areas, like showing a list of programs or thumbnails of a folder with large images. The new look for Windows Explorer took a bit to get used to, but I think I like it. I also like that Run in the Start menu is replaced with a Search and the new Show Desktop button is nifty. Though I haven’t been on Win7 long, so far it’s alright in my books.

More cube talk

January 20th, 2010

I decided to update my Rubik’s Cube collection page with not only the new cubes I got recently but new pictures! I’ve realized that my collection has grown to 21 cubes now. Of those, 16 were gifts, so I guess I really have my friends to thank for most of my collection =) My newest addition to the collection was bought just yesterday. I got the Rubik’s TouchCube!

Rubik's TouchCube

Rubik's TouchCube

This is an electronic Rubik’s Cube. Each side is a touch screen that you can swipe to rotate. Here is a video review of it to give an idea of how it works. The cube can also give you hints, and it’s able to solve itself from where ever you left off.

Ever since I saw it a couple months ago, I’ve wanted one so bad! Everywhere I looked online had it for $150 though. However, I found out Best Buy had it for only $50, so I immediately went out to buy it!

Solving it actually takes longer than when I solve a normal Rubik’s Cube. It doesn’t swipe as fast as I can turn a normal cube. A side only works if it’s facing up, so that’s a little weird. I’ve also realized how much muscle memory goes into solving a cube. When solving a normal cube, I feel like I do a lot of moves without thinking about it and sometimes not even looking. Working with this one makes me stop and think about what I’m about to do XD;;

I’m also happy with the pictures of it! I put it against a black fabric back drop and turned off all the lights in the room. It took a few tries with my DSLR before I was satisfied with how they looked. Anyway, the TouchCube is a really cool toy to have if you’re a fan of Rubik’s cubes. I wonder what I’ll get next =D

Social overload

January 12th, 2010

I finally set up my Flickr and DeviantArt, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. (Apparently, I signed up for DA half a year ago and forgot about it.) They’re both kind of empty right now, but I’m working on it!

I’m usually behind on getting on the social networking bandwagon, and it’s really because I don’t sign up until I find a “need” for it, whether it’s to keep up with people or for some personal project.

What bothers me is the duplication it all brings. I use both Twitter and Facebook but for the same purpose. I end up posting the same status to both places because some people are on Twitter only and some are on Facebook only. Unfortunately, the ones on both end up seeing my status twice. It’s worse when people cross post from Tumblr because I see that three times. I already cross post my blog to my LJ. Now when I take cosplay pictures, I’ll probably post it on Flickr, DeviantArt, and my Cosplay account. So much duplication! If only there were some sort of central hub that everyone checks.

Incase you’d like to know all the places I’m on, I made a page for it here (removed). Feel free to add/friend/follow/whatever on any of those! (And please leave your name, so I can do the same =D)