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A WP warning

March 31st, 2010

Well, I’m back from my trip to Boston! It was a short, but fun trip. I got to visit a friend, and PAX East was cool. I’ll probably post games I played at PAX on NokoNoko later.

Speaking of Noko though, I recently got an e-mail saying it was hacked. I immediately checked my site, and everything looked fine. I read it again, and it said that hackers were taking advantage of my SEO to advertise their own spam. It listed a url as an example. I cautiously clicked it, and to my surprise, there it was: a spam page, on my own website, advertising a drug.

I used my FTP and browsed to the folder in question. It was in wp-includes/js/crop/. The crop folder is only supposed to have 4 files: cropper.js, cropper.css, and 2 images. Mine was instead filled with a ton of crap, such as Javascript files named after various drugs.

I deleted the entire crop folder, then downloaded the latest version of WordPress and re-uploaded the folder. Afterwards, I made sure my WordPress was up to date, changed my admin WordPress password, and even changed my domain password.

I have 3 blogs using WordPress, but only one of them had this problem. If you’re using WordPress, I suggest checking your crop folder just incase!

How a gamer girl marks her territory

March 26th, 2010

me: Hey, this is your DS charger.
fiance: How can you tell?
me: It doesn’t have a cute sticker on it.

I’ve had an obsession with placing cute stickers on all of my gaming accessories and consoles for a while now, partly because I love cute stickers and partly because it makes it obvious which are mine when at a LAN party or a friend’s place. Let’s observe!

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Wonderful weekend

March 15th, 2010

The weather lately has been gorgeous, sunny and warm, but not too hot. It was a great weekend to spend outdoors. First was my birthday on Saturday. My fiance woke me up, telling me he made me breakfast. I walked out of our bedroom, to find this =)

Birthday breakfast

It was a nice start to a fun day. I’m also like a little kid. I love going to zoos and aquariums, and I’ve been wanting to check out the local zoo, so I asked him to take me there for my birthday. The zoo here is more like an “animal sanctuary” that rescues animals and was a nice, small size. Unfortunately, most of the cages had bars that are close together, so they got in the way of most of my photos. I uploaded some of the better pictures though:

Austin zoo

Sunday was the kite festival! I went with my fiance and a couple friends. As we got closer to the festival, we saw hundreds of kites in the sky. It was an amazing sight. I have never seen so many kites together in one place before.

My friend brought a kite with her, but we had a lot of problems getting it to stay up. It never flew that high and always came back down. We gave up after a while and walked around some more. Then we had the idea to take off the tail of the kite and try again. That did the trick ;) It flew and stayed up easily, going up to the max height on our string. This is the kite, and you can click it to see more photos from the festival:

Kite Festival

Overall, it was a really fun weekend. It was also a nice opportunity to go camera-happy. Though, I didn’t upload much, I actually took 300 photos those 2 days XD;; But, unfortunately, the weekend is over, and it’s now time for another boring work week!