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New things

March 28th, 2011

New gaming
Guess who got the 3DS? I did! I have photos and a review over at my gaming blog :3

New dress
I’ve been really busy with wedding stuff lately, and it’s kind of stressful. I go to work during the day, and when I come home, wedding planning feels like a second job. A tip for any future brides! Plan as early as you can! Don’t procrastinate like me!

But, I have another thing out of the way now. Over the weekend, I ordered my wedding dress! I decided to go with the Revi by Robert Bullock. It comes with no sash, but I’m probably going to add one for a bit of color. Here is a close up of the lace/beading detail.

I found that at the 3rd wedding boutique I went to. I went to 2 small ones and 1 big one. I have to say… the small ones are so much better. They might have a smaller selection, but because of that, I feel like they pick out better dresses to show. Not to mention, their service was wonderful. My consultants at the 2 small places were so nice and much more helpful.

New lens
I’ve been shooting a lot of wide angle lately, so I decided to get a better and wider lens. I bought the Sigma 10-20mm (for Canon)! Since I’ve been busy, I haven’t had a chance to actually use it yet. I took a couple quick shots of my sewing room as an example though.

This was taken at 18mm, my widest lens before.

I took this one while standing in the same spot. It’s at 10mm on the new lens.

See how much more fits in the photo? That’s ridiculous! I’m really excited to try out this new lens XD

The next “new” thing I need is a haircut. It’s been getting hot here lately, and my long hair is driving me crazyyy >.<

Boston, work, and goodies

March 20th, 2011

Well, fiance and I are back from a fun time in Boston. Our trip didn’t start out well. Part way to the airport, he tells me he forgot his wallet >.< So… I had to drive back home, then back to the airport, and… we ended up missing our flight! We were able to book a new one that left an hour later at least.

Other than that, the trip was really good. We went to PAX East on Friday, and I have a blog post about that on my gaming blog. The other days, we just hung out, ate good food, and played games XD Many thanks to my friend Robbie for letting us stay with him and for taking us around Boston!

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March events

March 9th, 2011

So, I cheated. My birthday isn’t until Sunday (13th), but I got gifts from my friend, Tina, and my fiance, Buckley, today. I’m actually out of town on my birthday, so… I decided to cheat and open my gifts early XD;; This is what they got me!

Tina got me the candle/fragrance and the books, which was really thoughtful. She knows I’ve been getting into photography more lately, and that we want to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Those books are going to be really helpful!

Buckley got me the mixing bowl and Ghost Trick (DS game). I’ve been really really wanting more bowls for my stand mixer. Having another bowl will really help with multitasking. I’ve also been thinking about trying Ghost Trick, which I haven’t even told him about. But, he managed to figure out exactly what to get me XD

I got the gifts today because we had our annual birthday dinner, where we celebrate mine, Tina’s, and our friend Ryan’s birthdays together. We got together with 10 of our friends and went to our favorite sushi restaurant :3

I mentioned that I’m out of town for my birthday. I’m flying to Boston on Thursday! Buckley and I will be visiting a friend there and will also be going to PAX East, a gaming expo. I can’t wait to play games that aren’t released yet XD

Once I get back on Tuesday, I’ll actually be driving to a totally new office building for work. We outgrew our current building and found a new place about 5 minutes away. It’ll be much bigger, have new furniture, and more parking too. I saw it when it was empty, so it’ll be exciting to see it finished. I’m packing up my office tomorrow, so they can move my stuff while I’m gone.

So yeah! March is an eventful month for me XD