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Things I’ve been busy with…

April 28th, 2011

Portal 2
I’ve been so excited for this game since I loved the first Portal XD I finished both single player (twice) and co-op already. I’ll have a review on NokoNoko later, but the co-op is definitely the most fun. Fiance and I played it together. Since we both played through Portal 1 and 2 beforehand, it went pretty smoothly.

Wedding planning
I’m happy to say that all of the really important and time sensitive parts have been finished! Venue, cakes, photographer, caterer, and DJ are now booked. My wedding dress is ordered, and we’re in the process of ordering bridesmaids dresses now. It was important to get those done early because wedding dress takes 5 months and bridesmaids takes 3 months. I didn’t realize how long it’d take just to get them in =O

Save the Dates are sent out as well. Things like florist, wedding rings, and hair/make up still need to be done, but there isn’t a big rush for those. I think things will be less stressful now! (I hope!)

Other hobbies
I feel like my most active hobbies right now are gaming and photography. I’ve been having a lot of fun with photography because it makes me see the city more. I’ve been living here for over 15 years, and I still feel like I’m missing out on some things XD;; The other week, my friend and I went to a fashion show to take photos. That was interesting because I had never done anything like that before. Here are some of my photos of it!

I really need to get back into cosplaying because there’s an Anime con in June. I don’t think I’ve used my sewing machine since October… It’ll be nice to get back into my other hobbies though, instead of dealing with a bunch of wedding stuff now :3

A new view

April 12th, 2011

I think even with hobbies that are just for fun, it’s still fun to learn more about them and improve on them. Every time I read a book on website usability, it makes me want to redo all of my sites. It just brings a new perspective and makes you realize what you could have done differently and/or better. It brings a new interest to what could be an old hobby.

I often take photos with my friend Ben, and last week, we met up and he lent me a photography book on composition. I read a bit of it over the weekend, and that already changed how I view things. I suddenly wasn’t happy with a lot of photos I had taken. I realized I could have composed many of them in more interesting ways.

We went out again over the weekend, and I felt much more alert and aware of my surroundings. I kept trying to find ways to apply what I read in the book into my photos. Here’s a few I took with my thought process!

Road Work Ahead
I lined up the building to the left of the frame so there’s stability while the other lines go diagonal. I included the work sign for that contrast in color. The wide angle (10-20mm) lens really helped me get everything in the frame.

A simple shot, but I liked the strong red/green complementary colors. I anchored the fire alarm to the corner to make the wall seem more bare and open.

Play for me
I actually took 2 shots. The other focused on the lock in the front while blurring the hands. I chose to post this one because of the movement. I used the 50mm lens to put focus on the hands.

(More in my Around Austin album.)

I still have to finish reading the book, but I’m already happier with these shots than previous ones I’ve taken :3 There is still so much more to learn! The book is The Photographer’s Eye. Since I mentioned website usability books earlier, Don’t Make Me Think is a good start if you’re interested, and The Design of Everyday Things is a great “classic” on usability in general.