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Meet the turtles

June 25th, 2011

We have 5 pet turtles, and my fiance and I noticed a couple have been really restless lately. They are usually more active during the summer, but… they’ve been really hyper and have escaped multiple times from their aquarium O.o;; We realized that they might be at the age to lay eggs. We have an extra empty aquarium, so we filled it with dirt and have been putting one turtle in there at a time, to see if they’ll dig around and lay eggs.

Well… what do you know…

It’s a turtle egg! Unfortunately, this one is damaged, which is why we took it out of the aquarium. For some reason, the turtle laid this one at the surface instead of burying it in the dirt. Turtles are able to lay infertile eggs, so we’re thinking that they’re all infertile. Why? Well… let me introduce each turtle.

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Food rambles

June 20th, 2011

I’m writing this as I take a break from work to eat my lunch. I brought lunch from home today, and I’m going to try to do this more often. I’ve realized that I eat out at restaurants too much XD;;

Recently, I decided to see where I’m spending my money. I know there are online services that can categorize your spending, but I always felt iffy about entering in my bank and credit card login information on another site. I decided to map it out on a spreadsheet myself. Not to counting the usual monthly expenses (mortgage, utilities, etc), I found that last month, 50% of my spending was on eating out, 23% on groceries, 15% on gas, and the rest on miscellaneous expenses.

I think it’s good to go out sometimes, but I feel like my fiance and I do it too often ^^;; We could save some money by eating in more often. Plus, it’s easier to control portion sizes when cooking for yourself. I mean, the portion sizes at some restaurants are huge! You could always take some of it home, but sometimes it’s hard to resist when the food is sitting right in front of you… tempting you.

Because of that, my fiance and I got in the habit of sharing entrees. Some can really be enough for 2 people, like this dish for example. It’s meant for one person, yet it came with two chicken fried steaks. Does one person really need two?

Anyway, I hope I can keep this up and eat out less XD;; What do you spend most of your money on?

The weekend

June 6th, 2011

Thanks for the comments on the layout! Who knows if it’ll be up again for over a year XD;; I remember years ago, I’d change layouts every month on my sites. If one lasted 3+ months, I’d think, “omg this layout is sooooo old”. Now it’s stretched out to a year or more before I change anything. I think part of it is that I have more sites, and the other is that I don’t spend as much time doing webdesign anymore. (Or probably the real excuse: I’m lazy.)

Back in March, I mentioned that I picked out and ordered my wedding dress. I was told it’d take 5 months… but it only took three! It came in last week, and I picked it up on Saturday :3 I ordered it with a custom length, so the length is perfect. I fell between sizes though, so I have to get it altered to take in the waist and bust a little. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean I’m done with that part. Now I have to decide on shoes, hair, sash/accessory, and make up.

On Sunday, my friend suggested that we go to a local photographer meet up. We got to shoot at one of their photography studios with models. I was really shy and nervous at first. I don’t have much experience with studio lighting or working with models, so I pretty much felt like a total noob XD;;

I have a couple shots posted already, but I have more to go through and edit.



It was a good experience though! I’m hoping to do more of these :3 So, all in all, it was a pretty good weekend. Now to take on the work week!