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Up up and away

August 14th, 2011

My life has been both busy and lazy lately. Busy because work has been busy. Lazy because… it’s too hot outside. It’s been over 100°F (38°C) every day, which makes me want to stay inside all day. The only time it’s cool is really early in the morning. I found that out last week when I was up at 5AM. Why that early? Well…

When I was younger and lived in New York, I remember seeing hot air balloons in person. Since moving to Texas, I haven’t seen any. But then, I recently found out there was an annual hot air balloon meet up here that met before sunrise. A couple friends and I decided to check it out, so we woke up early and got there by 6AM. Though it was still dark and early, the park was already packed.

It was really fun though. The atmosphere was really laid back. The hot air balloon owners didn’t mind people taking photos or getting close to them. We got to see the full setup, from laying out the balloon and basket, filling the balloon with cold air, then finally with hot air until it was ready to fly off.

Starting to fill with hot air


Hot air balloons

(More on my Flickr.)

In other news, I decided to start a new Tumblr. I was using my previous one for my Project 365. I successfully completed 1 year and was working on my 2nd but… unfortunately, I started to lose interest =/ So, I left that one there for the memories, and now I have a new Tumblr just for posting photos I’ve taken of food.

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