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January 26th, 2012

I was tagged by Nyuu! :D

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  • (And… I stripped out the rest of them.)
11 Facts about me:
  1. I have a dimple on my left cheek but not on my right.
  2. I used to play violin. I quit during college.
  3. I kept my last name after marriage. (I don’t have anything against changing it. I just have my own reasons for not doing so.)
  4. I’m a programmer at a software company.
  5. My first website was created in 1999.
  6. I still own a working NES. (Well, it was still working last I checked at least.)
  7. I’m allergic to a few raw fruits, but I have no problems if they’re cooked (like in pies).
  8. I don’t like wearing close toed shoes or socks. I think flip flops are the best!
  9. I learned most of my cooking, baking, and food knowledge from TV. TV can actually be helpful XD
  10. I tend to be a pack rat.
  11. I never get tired of re-watching the first 4 seasons of Futurama.

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More homemade goodness

January 18th, 2012

My husband and I cook at home sometimes, but we usually keep it simple since we work during the day. However, we recently decided that once a month, we’ll work together on a meal that is as homemade as we can make it. Last month, it was our steak dinner. This month, we decided on lasagna with a side of caesar salad.

Lasagna is one of the easier things I know to make, but it’s because I usually buy the sauce and lasagna noodle pre-made at the store. Well… not this time!

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Workout Motivation

January 13th, 2012

As mentioned in my new years post, I haven’t worked out in several months. Well, I picked it back up! I’m alternating between running outside and doing exercises at home (weights, resistance, crunches, etc). It feels good– well, ok, I’m a little sore. But still! It feels good to be exercising again.

Thanks to a friend, I got invited to the Fitocracy beta, which is my new motivation. It’s a site that takes a “gamer” approach to fitness. Any gamer should be familiar with things like leveling up, quests, and achievements, and that’s the approach that Fitocracy has taken too.

When you log your work outs, you earn points for them, which eventually increases your level.

You can do certain things to complete quests for more points…

…and there are also achievements you can earn.

When I think back to some of the video games I’ve played, I’ve done some really stupid things just for achievements. Not to mention, all the times I played just “a little bit” longer to reach the next level. Leveling up and improving your stats can be addicting in a game. It was especially like that for me when I played World of Warcraft (which I’ve now quit). It was always about getting the best gear, researching how to be better in raids, and figuring out the best build for my character.

Well, I think this can be applied to other things too, like working out. I have to admit; I do get excited when I level up or complete a quest on Fitocracy. They are onto something here.

By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post or anything. I just think it’s a great idea. Awarding points/levels on a website isn’t anything new, but to apply it to something beneficial, like fitness, is one of the better uses I’ve seen. Of course, you can always cheat, but I’d like to think that doesn’t feel as rewarding ;)

If you’re on Fitocracy too, you can find me under the name, puyoda!