Delicious art

June 13th, 2012

Recently, I decided to decorate cakes more often, though I wonder if that’s really a good idea. Here I am, trying to eat healthier, yet I always find myself eating the cake scraps that fall off the cakes I carve. It’s so hard to resist. I mean, the scraps end up being thrown away, so… might as well not waste them, right? XD;;

I’ve mentioned before that I make a video game cake for my husband every year. (You can view them on my cake site.) These fondant cakes are very time consuming, usually taking me 3-5 days to make. Because of that, I’ve only been using fondant once a year, just for his birthday.

Well, let me back up a bit, since I often get asked what fondant is. My simplest answer is, “fondant is like solid frosting.” It’s mostly sugar (like frosting) and is totally edible, but it has a clay-like consistency. This lets me roll it out and cover cakes with it, giving the cakes a very smooth look.

And so, I’ve decided to start making fondant cakes for other family members too. They’re not as elaborate as the ones I make my husband. These simpler ones typically take me just a day to make.

Last December, I made one for my mom and brother’s birthday. I made it look like a wrapped present with ribbon, a bow, and a gift tag. My mom thought it was real fabric at first, but all of the decorations are actually fondant :)

I even used a nifty trick to alternate the frosting colors in the middle, making it striped. It’s really easy to do actually! I’ll have to blog about it another time.

Just last weekend, we visited my husband’s family. It was his mom’s birthday, so I made another simple fondant cake. This time around, I wanted to attempt gumpaste flowers. Gumpaste is similar to fondant, except it dries a lot harder, making it great for decorations like flowers.

The blue part and the flower silhouettes on the side are fondant. The flowers on top are gumpaste.

A closer look at the gumpaste flowers. This was my first time using gumpaste, so I still need practice on making them more realistic looking ^^;;

Now I can cross out “make gumpaste flowers” on my list of cake-related things I’ve always wanted to do. Another thing that’s on the list? Make a 3-tiered cake. It hasn’t been practical yet, since it’s a lot of cake, and I don’t have a van or SUV to transport one in, but… perhaps one day, I’ll find an excuse to make one ;)

10 Responses to “Delicious art”

  • Tiara Lynn says:

    Recently, I started watching Cake Boss and oh my gosh. I feel in love with fondant cakes. I honestly never tasted it but I love the details and designs people do on them. Your cakes are far from simple. They’re cool. I love the gift wrap cake.

  • tiff says:

    Oh my god, you have a cake site!!! I just visited it and my eyes automatically shifted towards the Sanvich. That is a beautiful sanvich.

    All of your cake designs are absolutely wonderful. You should get paid to do this (or do you?). I would pay you to design my birthday cake! :P

    Keep up the good work. I would love to see some more cake creations. You are so creative :)

    • Cat says:

      Thank you! I don’t get paid for the cakes. I just make them for birthdays for fun :) I would totally make you a birthday cake if we lived near each other!

  • Hyeoni says:

    Aww you are so sweet!!! Those cakes you made for your husband are so cool! I love Kirby and it’s holding a candle! Gah how cute is that. :3

    Must be really hard to make cakes like that. I’ve taken pottery class and that itself was time consuming. But your cakes looks good!

    I love the yellow cake with red ribbon!!! The flowers looks so lovely! <3

    Again, looove the yellow flowers!

  • Rachel says:

    I wonder if I would like fondant, considering I don’t like most frostings. I don’t like typical birthday cake either, but something like German chocolate cake is definitely amazing. It’s pretty awesome that you can do such cool things with cakes. I would never be able to do that stuff, especially considering I can’t even draw. :P

    The giftwrap cake is particularly impressive.

  • nyuu says:

    I can’t believe you made those! I would have thought a professional baked these if I saw just the pictures. I think you should definitely continue this amazing skill of yours! BUT, of course, share it (hand them over to me), so you don’t end up eating it all yourself :)

  • Jenny says:

    Woah, those cakes look like the ones they sell in bakeries! I actually thought that was a real bow in the first cake as well, the details are just amazing!

  • Joy says:

    Omgosh they look so good! I made a super mario world cake for my boyfriend last year. Working with fondant is no joke. Awesome!

  • Mija says:

    Those look amazing!!!! How did you start getting into cake making!?

    • Cat says:

      Thanks! I watched too many cake shows, haha. Then, I decided to give it a try and taught myself :)

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