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September 5th, 2012

I’m back from AnimeFest! I’ll have another entry about it later because I’m a little backlogged on getting photos up XD;;

Lately, I’ve been thinking about building a new computer. My current one turns 4 years old next year, and I was planning on upgrading every 4-5 years. Plus, I’m jealous. Last year, a few friends built new computers with shiny new parts and SSDs. One of them is my husband, and I can’t help but be annoyed that he can start up the same game after me but have it up and running before me.

And so, I’ve been looking at computer cases. Choosing the case is one of my favorite parts of building a computer, because it’s like playing dress up with it ;) This is my current computer case.

I love the sleek silver look and the shiny blue LEDs. I’m kind of sad to let it go! The reason I’m not re-using it is because I’ve decided to keep it intact and give it to my brother. He’s been wanting to play Diablo 3, and my computer can still play it (and other current games) with no problems.

The problem with choosing a computer case is that… I think so many of them are ugly D= So many are black and boring. I also don’t like the black/red combinations that seem to be common.

While some companies tried to make girly cases, they’re um… too pink.

Oh, and some end up looking like a Transformer.

I wish there were more metallic looking cases! Like silver! Or metallic blues and greens! Of course, with a bunch of lights too. (Yeah, I really like shiny things.) But sigh, I think I’ll end up with a black case anyway. I’ll make sure it has blue lights at least ;)

Oh, and I saw this meme from Squidoo going around. Since it’s on topic, I’ll do it too!

Which do you prefer, laptop or desktop?
I used to only use laptops, but I prefer a desktop at home now. I still use laptops for traveling and work though.

How many computers do you have in your home?
7 total. We have 3 desktops, 2 laptops not in use, a netbook just for travels, and my work laptop.

Where do you keep it?
Our game room has our main desktops (mine and my husband’s). We put my husband’s previous desktop in the guest room. The laptops are in random places.

PC or Mac?
PC – I’m a PC gamer.

Cat, Inc ;) In other words, my computer is custom built. I ordered all of the parts separately, and my husband and I put it together.

What is your processor (AMD, Intel, Celleron etc.)?

How much Ram do you have?

How much hard disk?
I have 3 internal hard drives, making it 4TB total. 1TB for my main drive, 1TB for photos (RAWs take up a lot of space), and 2TB for making back-ups.

Operating system?
Windows 7 and Windows XP. My main drive has 2 partitions, so the main one is on 7, but the recovery/repair one is still on XP.

How old is the oldest computer in your home?
I think one of my laptops is from when I started college? So like… 2003, about 9 years old.

Do you watch movies/television on your computer?
Not often, but I’ll stream Netflix on it sometimes. I prefer to stream to the TV through the PS3 or something though.

Top three favourite games?
This is a toughie… let’s go with… Portal, Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age: Origins.

Only on the netbook and never used.

Most used program?
Probably Chrome since I have it up all the time.

Browser of choice?
Chrome for casual browsing. Firefox for debugging website stuff. (I know Chrome has a dev tool, but I still prefer Firebug.)

When are you going to upgrade?
Maybe next year!

19 Responses to “Computer fashion”

  • Kim says:

    Hoooly moly. You have got one bad-ass looking computer. LOL :) Mine is a hand-me down that my bro/dad built and it is seriously old now. I’m thinking at least ten years? It’s terrible. I use to game on it, but now it’s ridiculously unresponsive so it’s mainly used as the printing/scanning/photoshop computer. I have no patience to use it for anything else, lol. So I have to rely on my laptop, and I’ve gotten used to it over the years – enough that I might even prefer my MacBook now over a desktop (no gaming anymore though, obviously).

    You’re right, the girly cases are a bit too…pink. I love pink and all but I don’t know about a case with that much punk, haha. Can’t go wrong with silver I guess ;P

  • nyuu says:

    You’re right, a lot of the cases look pretty bad XD I would go with the black one as well.

    Which do you prefer, laptop or desktop? 
laptop, because when I travel, I like to bring my laptop with me, it’s kind of like a purse lol

    How many computers do you have in your home? 
Hmm..a lot since we keep old computers, too.

    Where do you keep it? 
One or two in each of our rooms xD

    PC or Mac?

I’m currently using a Macbook pro

    What is your processor (AMD, Intel, Celleron etc.)? 
Intel Core 2 Duo

    I do everything with my macbook, watch movies, read, etc. :) I like to use Chrome, and I hope to upgrade my macbook in a few years hehe

  • Carolynne says:

    I think it’s so cool that you know how to build your own computer. My husband has always built his own too. I am happy with a prebuilt iMac :) Although, I did add some more ram to it! LOL. A lot of those cases are too awkward looking. Good luck with finding the case that suits you perfectly!

  • Liv says:

    I’m impressed that you built your own computer. By heart I am not an engineer of any type, so that kind of stuff always impresses me. :P Upgrading things really annoy me, even automatically such as clicking the notification on WordPress. You must have a lot of patience! If you built your computer, it must be like a baby to you. ^/_\^

    Those cases are actually quite hilarious. The Transformer on the bottom left looks like a gaming console. Can you believe I’ve never seen a computer case before? I haven’t used a computer since I was 13, which is before my interest in the internet. I currently use an iMac, which doesn’t really count?

    I kind of feel better now that you have two people (I think?) in your household and have seven computers. I thought I was crazy when I was doing this meme and answered seven for the three people in my house. :P

  • Michael says:

    Some of those cases are crazy haha! I’m really jealous; I wish I knew how to build a computer. At the moment though I only have a Laptop and iPad; I don’t have a desktop. Perhaps i’ll get an iMac when I can afford one! Haha :D


  • Jenny says:

    Woah, I really like the blue LED lights on the side of your case, they look really cool :D
    And you’re right, some of these cases do look like Transformers, especially that yellow one, haha.

  • Sandra says:

    I have a black-cased CPU over here, and yes it’s boring. makes me just stare at it and not even take care of it. But I have to! :))) Anyways, I prefer dekstop for larger files and for paperworks/school works. I actually use laptop for Sims coz I can carry it anywhere and play wherever I ant LMAO :))

    I agree with the too pink cases, not my type.

  • Lisa says:

    Wow, your computer does look really sleek and cool!
    And I Lol’ed, ALL those computer cases reminds me of transformers!

    I don’t think the makers of these cases realize that girls are just as much a computer nerd as boys are. I always think tech people are so intelligent and cool! If I was still in that gaming stage….I would find your home a heaven. <3

    I prefer laptops for its portability, and minimalistic ways and design. My mac laptop is going on 6 years, I really really really want to buy a new mac top…with the aluminum case. ;__;

  • Simone says:

    Never knew of anyone who built their own computers. That’s so cool to me. You get to choose your own case and everything. I’m honestly fascinated! I’d go with a pink one but that’s just me. Hey, since they don’t have any cases of your liking maybe you could build that too. If you built your own computer I know it’s possible!

  • Krystal says:

    You and your husband is very similar to my boyfriend and me. We have loads of computers!

    We have our main Windows desktop in the study (one each). I use mine for gaming only and my boyfriend uses it for gaming (mainly) and sometimes work. We have my our desktop connected to the telly in the living room so we can stream things.

    We also have a netbook which is not being used much because it’s mega slow. We recently took my boyfriend’s old laptop home so we can plug it into the telly in the bedroom.

    I also own a Macbook Pro where I do all my work and web related things on.

    I’m looking to upgrade my gaming machine next year as well. I need a new processor as I’m still running the first every quad core!

  • alex says:

    LOLLLLLLLL wow those are some wacky computer cases! HAHAHA omgosh, that really does look like Bumble Bee! maybe that’s how he’d look like if he transformed from a computer instead of a car!

    but yours definitely looks sleek! i love the blue lights. it’s different from the typical green / orange lights.

    wow, you prefer PC over Mac? That’s the first time i’ve heard that! i always hear people telling me that Mac’s are wayyy better…i don’t know anymore T_T

  • Joy says:

    Yeah, I like the case you have now! I don’t like any of the others! I do like the pink tone but the actual physical look of them doesn’t look good. I hope you find one you like!

  • Kristi says:

    Hahaha, they really do look like Transformers!! No joke :O

    Your computer case looks rad btw. It’s really cool!

    The computer case on the top right of the first pic (the white and black one) is soooo ugly! Is that supposed to look cool? Ha!

  • Xixia says:

    I think that’s a pretty common problem when it comes to building computers for women, since the overall activity and the products are very much highly geared toward men. And my taste does not quite line up with that. XD

    The cases are so bulky – I love the sleek and simple look. They need to make more of that! But anyways, your old computer looks great, and yayy for Diablo 3! I love that game.

  • Georgie says:

    Is your 2003 laptop still in good condition? I’m surprised if it is! I had my computer – desktop though – in 2003, and I recently got rid of it. It was honestly dying; had no strength. :( I assume you don’t use it anymore because you seem to have so many computers and no doubt would be newer! XD

    When I bought my current computer, my boyfriend helped me put it all together. I spotted a red and black case – it was one of those cool ones… but I decided against it because it was really expensive and I knew it’d gather dust easily.

    I hate when they try and make things look girly and it just looks wrong. I think that one of the Samsung phones was made in a coral pink – so it was like a mushy pink, and it looked so ugly. D:

    Your current case is totally slick though! It’s so kind of you to give it to your brother. I hope you find one like it, or better. All those cases you’ve shown are… yep, realy not good. And the ones that look like Transformers look a bit cheap and tacky, in my opinion. Ones like yours look more elegant and classy… and definitely not so tacky-looking.

  • jeniffer says:

    bumble bee is that you? hahaha… that was really funny. I never tried to dres up my desktop cpu.. I think it’s because I want to see the brand of my cpu. Nowadays I’m more on my laptop…

  • tiff says:

    Oh god, looking at all those cases is really getting me super pumped to buy my own (after I save up for a car). Ideally, I’d like to get a sleek white case, with pink “trimmings”.

    Also, flip-flops in the rain!? I hate that. I’ve been there before and I think I slipped once because the slipper had no grip at the bottom. lol

  • Tiffany says:

    I like your current case. I’m usually a fan of the minimalistic black cases, having the Antec 300 myself, but yours looks simple and edgy at the same time! I wouldn’t mind upgrading to a different case, but I built my computer just earlier this year so it’ll probably be at least 3 more years until I build my next computer.

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