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Going on 5 years

February 18th, 2013

It’s Silent White’s birthday! I rarely mention my sites’ birthdays because… after making so many, I just lose track of when I started each one. Liza wrote about her site’s birthday earlier this month, which reminded me that this blog also started in February – Feb. 18 2008 to be exact. This means, it’s now 5 years old. I decided to do the same thing as Liza and list out a few facts about this blog :)

1. Though this blog started in Feb. 2008, this domain was actually bought in Nov. 2003, making it over 9 years old. It started as an art domain with a gallery of my works and a sketch blog before I changed it over to what you see now.

2. The name Silent White comes from a Japanese song with the same name: Silent White by move. It’s the only site I have that’s named after a song.

While I’m at it, here’s how I named my other domains.

  • Shattered-Wings was from my fascination with wings and flight. A lot of my sites back then were named in similar ways: Fake Wings, Broken Wings, Fly High, etc.
  • Hachi-Roku translates to eight-six in Japanese. It’s a nickname for the AE86, which is the car that the main character in Initial D drives.
  • Twilight-Realm is from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which has a twilight realm in the game.

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Things I collect: Rubik’s Cubes

February 11th, 2013

I like collecting things, which probably isn’t a good hobby. I mean, it requires spending money, the collections take up space, and I don’t collect anything practical. I just like having stuff. I figured I could at least show them off once in a while ;)

So, I’m starting with my Rubik’s Cube collection, which was really fueled by my friends. They noticed that I liked solving Rubik’s Cubes, so whenever they saw an interesting one, they thought of me and got it for me. For a while, I was getting Rubik’s Cubes as gifts every year.

My cubes pretty much fit into 5 categories. The first are official Rubik’s Cubes, which are ones from the Rubik brand.

official cubes

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This past weekend…

February 4th, 2013

I set up my Miiverse account.
Which is Wii U’s online community. Oh, I should mention; I got a Wii U. There aren’t many Wii U games out right now that I want, so in the mean time, I’m having fun posting random doodles on the Miiverse communities. My username is PuyoDa if you’d like to follow or friend me there!

Wii U sketches

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