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Back from Boston

March 27th, 2013

As the title says, I’m back from Boston! My husband and I flew there on Thursday and came back just on Monday. We were there to go to PAX East, a gaming expo, and also to visit my friend, Robbie. Though I originally met Robbie online, he’s become one of my closest friends, and I’ve actually known him longer than most of my other close friends :)

First, let’s start with PAX East, which was our 3rd time going. We spent most of the time on the expo floor, where lots of gaming-related companies set up booths. Most are showing off their games – a lot of which aren’t released yet, so attendees can get a sneak peek. If you’re interested in the games I tried, head over to this entry on my gaming blog.

I didn’t bring my DSLR on the trip, so I didn’t have a wide angle with me. This is just part of the expo hall. It’s huuuuuge.


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Birthday Recap (with lots of food)

March 18th, 2013

A few photos that sum up my birthday last week:


1. I often bring in homemade treats for my coworkers, so they wanted to return the favor. One of my coworker’s asked his wife to make me something, so she made a strawberry roulade. It was so good; I need ask for that recipe!

2. I came home to find a package from my brother, and this wrapped gift from my husband, which made me laugh. The following conversation took place.

me: You know, we just bought non-Christmas wrapping paper.
husband: What if I wrapped it before that?
me: Did you?
husband: Well… no.

3. Gifts! My brother got me The Last Story on Wii, and my husband got me a Futurama shirt, a Tali (Mass Effect) figure, and a Companion Cube lunch box. I used the lunch box the very next day and excitedly showed it off to my coworkers as if I was a little kid.

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March so far

March 11th, 2013

My original plan for this past weekend was to shut myself in my sewing room and get a lot done on my Zia costume (from Bastion). The goal was to completely finish her jacket, so I’d have a week and half to finish her pants. And then… off to PAX East!

Well, uh… that didn’t quite happen, so I won’t be able to finish in time after all. I underestimated how long it’d take, and I struggled with the sleeves. When it comes to sewing, sleeves are always my enemy. They are always difficult for me to get right! I decided to start documenting my progress on my Instagram though, which I also crosspost to my tumblr.

Zia progress

That also means… I’m finally on Instagram! I typically don’t sign up for social sites/services until I find a use for them. There’s just way too many out there, and a ton of them are very similar. I wanted an easy way to take a photo and share it to several places, and thus, Instagram fit the bill.

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