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Cosplay organization

April 27th, 2013

Lately, I feel like I might have focused too much on cosplay photography and not enough on my own costumes. I haven’t worn a new cosplay costume in about 3 years. Even though I know it’s easier and common for people to buy the costume pre-made… it’s just not my type of thing. I want to show off my work, not someone else’s.

The problem is that I’ve been really lazy on sewing. I’ve been setting big goals like, “finish the jacket by [date here]”, and I don’t think that worked for me. I decided to take another approach and assign myself a daily sewing task. I put down small tasks for weekdays and larger ones for weekends.

And thus, I started looking for iPad apps just to keep track of my cosplay tasks. I only tried a few, but I’m using Errands right now:


It’s not a very pretty app, but I’m able to add tasks quickly, and I like that I can add custom icons, which make it easy to see which costume the task belongs to. I’m open to recommendations if you think there’s an app better suited for this :)

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Mobile project

April 22nd, 2013

Well, I’ve mentioned my team winning in our company hack-a-thon a couple times now. Now that our project has been released, I think it’s about time I talked about it since people were curious :) Including me, there were 3 people on the team, and there’s been something that we’ve have been wanting to do for a while: make our community mobile friendly.

Some background: our company makes an IT software (inventory, help desk, etc) and an IT community. While the software has a mobile app, the community had no mobile-friendly view, and it really needed one. Trying to browse it on any phone was a frustrating experience.


The community has (I think) seven teams currently working on it, and every team maintains multiple features. This presents 2 problems:

1. The community is huge, and no team had time to make the entire thing mobile friendly.
2. Maintenance – how do we make sure each team maintains the mobile version of their feature?

Long story short: we made a mobile-friendly view for the community, which should be easy to maintain. If you’re interested in learning more details, read below the cut! If you just want to check it out, view here on a smartphone.


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The expensive wishlist

April 11th, 2013

I’m sure most of us have a personal expensive wishlist – a list of items we wish we had but don’t because of the price. Yet, if someone suddenly dropped a ton of money on our lap, we’d buy something off the list in a heartbeat. Well, I have that kind of list. It includes things like…

Electric Car
I’m tired of spending so much money on gas and having to fill often. I want an electric car. The thought has been on my mind ever since my father-in-law bought a Chevy Volt. I’m jealous of how he just charges it overnight. I’d like to have a Volt or something similar. The charge is enough for me to get to-and-from work, and it can run on gas if I need to go longer distances. I’m hoping there will be more options in the next few years, because I’d really like my next car to be electric.

Full Frame DSLR
I currently have a Canon 50D, which is considered semi-pro/semi-casual but has a cropped sensor. The next step up would be a full frame DSLR, which is what a lot of professionals use. I’ve had my eye on the Canon 5D Mark II for a long time now. (Why not the new Mark III? Because it’s three-thousand-five-hundred-freaking-dollars.) There’s been a couple times where the 5DII was on such a good sale, I almost bought it. I keep stopping myself because I have a hard time justifying it. Sure, I take photography seriously, but it’s still a hobby to me. Should I really be spending $2,000 on a camera?

Yeah… ok, I knocked this one off the list. Someone dumped money on my lap. Remember that “hack-a-thon” back in February where work gave us a week to work on any project we wanted, and then they chose winners? Well, my team’s first place win (in our category) got us a money prize. Even after splitting it with my teammates, it was more than enough to get a tablet. Thus, I chose an iPad Mini :)


(I still plan on writing about our project, but if you want a sneak peek, check out our interview here.) A tablet was another thing that I’ve been hesitating on. I wasn’t sure how much I’d use it, but I’m looking forward to bringing this on travels instead of a bulky laptop, and I’m using it to read e-books now :)

I have a few other things on the list, but these were the ones I’ve been really wanting. Is there anything expensive that you wish you had?