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A small breather

June 26th, 2013

I’m back from a weekend trip to Dana Point, California! When we stepped out of the airport, I immediately had a big smile on my face. 70F (21C) weather! What a nice change from the hot summer we have in Texas! It’s been around 100F (38C) here, which feels even worse with the humidity.

My husband and I were there for our friend, Robbie’s, wedding, and I was glad we were able to meet up for dinner the day we arrived. I was afraid he’d be too busy, but that’s because I remembered myself being busy before my wedding. However, now that I think about, I don’t think my husband was =P (The bride has so much more to do to get ready, sigh.)

The next day was the wedding, but it was in the evening. We had time to pass during the day, so we walked around the beaches and harbor, taking in the wonderful sunshine and breeze. (Yes, Instagram photos because I didn’t bring my camera.)

instagram_danapoint_01 instagram_danapoint_02

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Cake decorating tips

June 15th, 2013

Cake decorating is a hobby that I do on and off. (See my works.) It came about after I watched way too many cake shows on TV, and I just kind of taught myself over the years. Though I show off my fondant ones, I actually use frosting a lot too. Here are a few tips on getting pretty cakes with frosting instead of fondant :)

1. Crumbcoat
I always crumbcoat my cakes, whether I use fondant or frosting. A crumbcoat is a thin layer of frosting that traps in the loose crumbs. After your cake is fully cooled, apply a thin and smooth layer of frosting, then refrigerate for about an hour.


What does this do? First, the crumbcoat seals in the cake’s moisture. Second, after you take it out of the fridge, you’ll notice it turns into a solid layer with the loose crumbs stuck in it. It gives you a smooth surface to do the rest of your frosting.

2. Homemade frosting
Not only does homemade frosting taste a billion times better than any store-bought frosting I’ve ever tried, but I also find it easier to spread. Need a recipe? I recommend this one.

3. Icing spatula
If you don’t have a long, flat icing spatula, I would definitely get one! They are great for getting a smooth look. You can find different sized ones in the cake aisle at craft stores.


4. Pile on the frosting
I like to put a bunch of frosting on the cake before I start smoothing it out. I find this easier to do than just putting a little on at a time. A thicker layer of frosting will also be easier to work with than a thinner one.

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A-kon 24 re-cap

June 8th, 2013

As my previous entry said, I went to A-kon! It’s an Anime convention in Dallas, which is 3 hours driving away from Austin. I drove up on my own and stayed with friends who were also attending the con.

Also mentioned before, my friend and I cosplayed as Zia and Zulf from the game, Bastion. We met up with Ed Martinez for a photoshoot, and here are a couple of my favorite photos from it!



The full set is onĀ my Zia page on my cosplay blog.

This was my first time cosplaying from an indie game, which means our costumes weren’t widely recognized. However, whenever someone did recognize it, we got a larger reaction than other costumes I’ve done. It felt good when people got so excited to see us and complimented us :D We got comments of how they always wanted to see a Bastion cosplay but never have in person before.

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