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Little things I love

July 28th, 2013

So much has been going on lately, that I’ve been kind of absent the past couple of weeks. It’s been packed with work events, get togethers with friends, and working extra hours to catch up. Plus, I’ve been addicted to a game called Recettear (my review here), and my free time has been going into that instead of something like… blogging XD;;

I’m actually doing some work from home today before I head off to a potluck, but I figured I’d take a little time to unwind and blog about a few things that make me happy :)

Basking turtles – I like watching my turtles bask because they’re usually stretched out in weird and funny positions. This is the part of the day where they’re calm and aren’t begging for food. They just look so relaxed that it makes me smile and wish I didn’t have a care in the world too.

Blinkin is usually the funniest one.

Blinkin is usually the funniest one.

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Recent Purchases

July 14th, 2013

I recently bought 2 things I’ve been wanting for a while, and for less money than I was expecting to pay too! Let’s start with…

Drawing Tablet
My Wacom Graphire broke a long time ago… twice actually, and I haven’t replaced it since. I had my eye on the medium Wacom Intuos, but then my husband mentioned Monoprice’s tablets. That’s when I remembered reading that they were actually really good and really cheap. They’re all under $100! Compared to the $350 that the Intuos costs, the Monoprice ones were too cheap to not try.

I ended up getting the 10×6.25in one with hot keys for only $50, but I haven’t used it enough to give it a proper review yet.


Here’s a quick doodle I did while I was testing the sensitivity though. So, it works well. I just need to… remember how to draw and use a tablet…


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Sewing room make over

July 5th, 2013

Last week, I peeked into my sewing room and saw the mess that was still there from when I was working on my Bastion costumes. I didn’t want to work on my next project until it was cleaned up, and I also recently got a serger that I didn’t know where to place. And so… I decided to give my sewing room a make over!

This entry will have a bunch of images, so I’m using thumbnails this time. Of course, click on them for the full images :) Here is what my sewing room looked like before:

And now for the “after“! Let’s start with the wall with my sewing machine.

  • I left the sewing machine where it was, but I bought a few new storage items to organize the table. I got lucky since Jo-ann had a 50% off sale on all storage items!
  • I love the spool holder for my threads. It makes it easy to see and grab the one I need :)
  • I also got a desk top drawer for notions and a small container for my machine needles and bobbins.
  • I put the serger next to the sewing machine, which meant moving the dress form and moving the wall mirror over a bit.
  • The room was lacking a clock, so I just bought a wall clock from Target.

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