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September busy-ness

September 26th, 2013

I wanted to blog and catch up on returning comments earlier but… things have been busy! I have an important work deadline coming up, so I’ve been working late and also from home after hours. It didn’t help that I was on a short business trip last week too.

Plus, I now have to deal with getting my car repaired. It seems I have the misfortune of driving in areas where people are terrible drivers. This is the third time my car has been hit while it was completely stationary – twice at a red light and once at a stop sign. Fortunately, the guy was nice, and he’s already accepted fault for it. The damage is mainly on my bumper, so it doesn’t look too major (I think).

After all of this, I’ve learned to be thorough on getting information. Take note of the time and location it happened. Exchange names and phone numbers. And the rest? Photos. I use my camera or phone to take photos of the other person’s insurance card, both of our license plates, the damage on both vehicles, the vehicle make/model, etc. Then when I call to submit a claim, I have the photos handy to look at. It’s a lot easier and faster than writing it all down.

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Hawaii Addiction

September 12th, 2013

I think I can be called a Hawaii addict now. My husband and I are currently planning a trip for our 2nd anniversary and have decided to go to Hawaii again. This will be our third year in a row going!

There are several reasons why I’ve fallen in love with Hawaii:

  • We’re technically not leaving the country, so no passport, no customs, same currency, etc.
  • The weather is nice year round, so it doesn’t really matter which time of year you go.
  • The atmosphere is just so laid back and relaxing.
  • The islands differ from each other quite a bit. Each one offers a different experience.

So far, we’ve been twice and visited 3 of the islands. Here are my opinions on each of those:

Was one of the islands we visited for our honeymoon two years ago, and it’s also our favorite so far. It’s very tropical, quiet, and has that “middle of nowhere” feeling.

Series of waterfalls - I took this from a helicopter.

Series of waterfalls – I took this from a helicopter.

It’s a good island to do more adventurey stuff on, like waterfall tours on kayak, ATV tours, etc. Much of the island are cliffs that you can’t really drive to. You can get a great view of the Na Pali coast on boat, and a helicopter can show you its hidden waterfalls among the other cliffs.

The Na Pali coast - we were on a catamaran tour.

The Na Pali coast – we were on a catamaran.

Us during an ATV tour at Kipu Ranch!

Us during an ATV tour at Kipu Ranch!

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September 2nd, 2013

I’m back from AnimeFest! It’s an Anime con in Dallas (~3 hours away from me) that is always on Labor Day weekend, so it’s a 4-day con instead of the usual 3-day. I was there with a few friends from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

AFest is normally my favorite con, but I got tired of being there by mid-Saturday. I think it’s because San Japan was only 2 weeks prior, and this is my 4th con this year. I’m a little tired of Anime cons right now I guess!

I’ll just go through some main points…

  • I was a little annoyed at AFest’s schedule since the stuff I wanted to see was on Friday and Sunday, meaning I was kind of bored on Saturday.
  • I really enjoyed “WTF Japan” on Friday night, which was a collection of funny and weird clips from Japanese TV. I thought it was weird that cosplay runway was on Friday though, when there were less people to see it.
  • I normally bring one cosplay, but this time I brought two. I was Knives on Friday and Zia on Saturday. I uh… got a little confused. The first couple times I was asked for a photo as Zia, I almost posed as Knives (in a fighting stance that Zia wouldn’t do). I kind of forgot I changed costumes XD;;
  • I found a vendor that was selling manga for 25% off. I’ve been wanting to start a new manga series, so it was a nice opportunity to buy a bunch of random stuff to see what I’d like. I didn’t like half of what I got, but there were a few winners: Bakuman, Tiger & Bunny, and Black Butler.

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