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Big Island, part 1

November 26th, 2013

I’m back from Hawaii! It was an amazing 9 days there, though Texas didn’t quite give us a warm welcome back. We were told the weather was great while we were gone, but after we got back, it dropped to 30s-40sF and heavy rain :(┬áPreviously, I wrote about my thoughts on 3 islands of Hawaii: Kauai, Oahu, and Maui. Now I add the Big Island to the mix!

As the name suggests, Big Island is the largest of the Hawaiian islands, though it does not have the largest population (Oahu does). It’s actually a quiet island, very similar to Kauai. Because of its size, we had to do a lot of driving. For example, it took 2-3 hours from our hotel to get to the volcano. Big Island also has the largest variety of scenery. We passed by different types of fields, forests, lush tropical areas, and even barren fields of just lava rock.

There is a lot to do there! Because of that, I’m splitting my entry into two. (Plus, it gives me more time to go through the rest of my photos.)

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Past few weeks

November 10th, 2013

Aah, so much has been going on lately! I’m going to try to fit them all into this entry.

First off, I did indeed finish my Halloween costume!


I’m still going to work on it (long fall boots and portal gun) for future Anime cons though. I wore it to work, and all of my gamer coworkers recognized it :) Everyone else was just confused as to what I was and why I was wearing those blades on my legs, haha.

Next, our company’s user conference went well. It’s a relief to see my team’s feature finally revealed and well received. We had been developing it in secrecy and had an “on switch” for the reveal. Of course, one of the biggest worries was, will the switch work??? (Yes, it did.)

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