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Winter projects

January 28th, 2014

It’s a work day and… I’m sitting at home. But! I’m not slacking. I’m actually working from home right now – one of the perks of being a programmer :) I don’t do this often because I think it’s still important to have in-person interactions with coworkers.

However, today, Austin iced over. We got a “wintry mix” over night, and now there’s ice on the roads. Let’s just say… living in Texas doesn’t prepare you for cold weather like sleet, ice, snow, etc. We’re really bad at things like that. Between midnight and 11am, there were 214 accidents reported, and the number is rising. In other words, I’m not leaving this house. I fear the drivers more than the ice.

Lately, I’ve been slowly working on some unfinished projects. The first is my new computer. I bought all of the parts during Black Friday, and they’ve been sitting around since. That’s right, it’s been two months!

Just the other day, I finally unwrapped the parts and began assembling. I got to the point where I want to put in the hard drives, and then I stopped. Though I bought a new SSD for the computer, I still want to move over the HDs from my current computer. And well, I’m not ready to move those yet, so it’s sitting here unfinished again.


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Online to in person

January 21st, 2014

Meeting an online friend in person is interesting. It kind of feels like meeting an old friend, since you’ve known each other online for a while, but at the same time… it’s like meeting a new person? Fortunately, I’ve been able to see a few of my online friends! Three so far, to be exact :)

The first is my friend, Robbie, who I met years ago. It’s been so long, I can’t even remember how old I was when we started talking online. We first met up for lunch a couple times when I visited California. After we both graduated college, we have flown to visit each other and were also at each other’s weddings. He’s one of my closest friends!


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Home decor – small first step

January 14th, 2014

New Years always makes me so motivated to work on my resolutions, but then it doesn’t last throughout the year XD;; I’ve been alternating working out and studying Japanese, so that I don’t have to make time for both after work. It’s been working well so far!

I’m also working on our home decor finally. I’ve learned from my past experiences. When I got motivated about it before, I tried to do too much at once, and then just gave up. Now I’m doing small goals each week, which also includes giving my husband a small weekly assignment, haha.

Last week, I told him to put up a single wall shelf. Of course, he procrastinated until Sunday, but at least it’s up now.


It’s in our half bathroom downstairs, which is basically the bathroom that friends use when they’re over. Because of that, I wanted to at least do a little bit with it. I was always annoyed with how there’s no cabinets, shelves, or counter space in there. Now there’s a shelf at least!


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