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May 28th, 2014

Well, I managed to finish a couple tasks from my last entry, which leads to this post about our guest room :) I’ve been working on tidying it up lately. It should really be called the “hand me downs” room because every piece of furniture in it is something that we used to use. For example, the bed and nightstand were mine before my husband and I moved in together.


I went with a green theme to the room, which you can see by the bedsheets and curtains. I made the curtains myself, though I’m not sure if it saves money since the fabric + notions comes out to $30+. I really did it because there’s a larger variety in prints, and I can make them in the style I want.

I showed the shelf in an earlier entry, but this used to be in the game room. It mostly has comics with a few programming and photography books mixed in. I’ve included a few completed series, but most are series where I bought 1-2 volumes to try them out. I figured it might be nice to have a variety :)

The tall books on the two top shelves are strategically placed to cover a hole in the back panel ^^;; It was unfortunately damaged during our last move.

We also have a computer near the door for our guests to use. It’s my husband’s previous gaming computer, which is still working and can play games. It’s handy for playing multiplayer PC games with our guests ;)


There’s bits of artwork here and there. Above the bed are prints by Meomi, and on the adjacent wall is a print by Tsai-fi. The print and flowers on the book shelf might look familiar because it’s similar to what I did with one of our bathrooms. The print is by Jessica Grundy. As for all of the crocheted pieces, they were made by my mom!

That’s pretty much it for the guest room. There’s still some empty wall space that I’d like to fill with more art or photos, and I’d like to put a clock somewhere in the room. I’ve also been cleaning and organizing our game room, but that still needs work! Hopefully I’ll be able to post about it later :)

18 Responses to “Home Decor – Guest Room”

  • Joy says:

    Oh gosh, everything looks so nice! Green is my favorite color so I’m throughly swooned.

    I think that is the perfect color green and pattern. Excellent choice on that and great job on sewing them, of course!

    All of the little crocheted items are adorable! Your mom is super patient and talented. I used to make dolls but quit because it takes so much time and patience but I’m sure she does it it like it’s nothing.

  • Nancy says:

    Good job on tackling down the tasks on your to-do list! I’m really digging your guest room! The guest has plenty of entertainment to dive themselves into whenever they stay over at your place. For $30, you got yourself a nice set of bed sheets and curtains. I think it’s a good deal considering how these can go for over $70 together (from what I have seen in stores). And it’s a plus that you can choose between many fabrics compared to a limited already-made set.

    I didn’t even think there was a hole in the wall with the bookcase covering it. It was a nice strategy made XD. Your guest room makes me want to find an excuse to go to Austin and stay over. Your guest room = win!

    • Cat says:

      Haha, thanks! I’m glad you like the guest room! The $30+ was actually just for the curtains. I didn’t make the bed sheets :)

  • Tara says:

    I think the room looks awesome. If I were your guest, I’d love the room, especially since you have mangas in there AND a computer for them to use! I’ve never heard of or considered anyone putting a spare computer in their guest room! :D Whenever I spend the night at other’s, I’d just use their main computers! But this is a nicer option.

    Anyway, good job with the room! It looks so cosy and inviting :D

  • AnneMarie says:

    I like that shade of green. Earthy yet playful.

    I absolutely love these interior design posts. They’re giving me a lot of ideas for how to decorate my future house. Until then, I have to deal with just making sure I have what I need. My room is beyond aesthetically appalling.

  • Shar says:

    Everything looks soooo nice!!! I want to decorate our house so badly but we decided to just wait until after the wedding since my fiance made a good point that if we get gift cards we can use that to get some new decor for our house! Never thought of that!

    I LOVE the green curtains!! I find green very underated and some people are scared to use green but I find it’s very flattering and can really brigthen up a room (particularly love the shade of green you have in your curtains!). I like how spacious your bedroom is!

  • Agent Q says:

    This looks amazing! :) The green theme will definitely add some refreshing effects to all future guests who may be tired after a long day or something. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the relaxed setting.

  • Michelle says:

    Looks amazing :) I wanna decorate the apartment but since we’re moving to a new place, I have to wait. But oh well, this gives me ideas!

  • Tiff says:

    Wow how neat of you two to have a spare room that you’ve turned into a guest room. I take it you’re not going to turn that into a nursery anytime soon then? I suppose designating a nursery room when no plans for children yet is a bit ambitious when you could have potential guests stay over before the thought of babies even comes to mind!

    I’m sure any guest would be so lucky to stay in your green themed room. I love the curtains!

    • Cat says:

      We actually have a 4 bedroom house, so we have another bedroom that isn’t being used right now :) If we have two kids, I’ll most likely move my sewing room to the study (which is just used for storage right now).

    • Tiff says:

      4 Rooms?!?!!?? :O :O y’all living la vida locaaaaa. Jk but that is awesome. You’re young & married, game rooms, sewing rooms, & storage rooms + computer room = makes complete sense hahaha. That’s awesome!!!

      Are you still working on more projects for your house with the fabric? I think you saved money with the curtains. They’re about the same price at ikea with the rods & some other thing. I think it’s better that you made your own than getting it from ikea or target though, I mean, you made it yourself! That has its own value.

      If you have kids, I can only imagine how amazing their Halloween outfits would be!! Or how awesome their room would be with custom curtains & everythannnngggg.

    • Cat says:

      That’s good to know that I might have saved money! I’m still working on curtains. I have like 3 or 4 to go XD;; And then I might make matching pillow cases.

      I often joke that if I had kids, they would totally get Pokemon costumes until they’re old enough to complain, haha. Texas has a ton of land, so house prices can be low depending on the area. It’s why we decided to go for the bigger house since the price wasn’t that bad :)

  • Liv says:

    I wish I was a guest at your house, LOL. You are so considerate to the needs of your guests especially if he/she is a gamer! And I swear I saw some Ocarina of Time manga volumes in those shelves. Lastly the prints by Meomi are absolutely adorable and I want to order some now!

    Everything looks so clean and huge! My room is pretty crammed and I technically have a big house in New York (last apartment was only 650 square feet). My mom’s friend lives in Houston and she bought a house 3x the size of ours for the same price.

    • Cat says:

      You’re seeing correctly :) There’s 2 Ocarina of Time volumes and one of Majora’s Mask. They have manga for the other Zelda games too!

  • Chelsey says:

    Wow, you’ve been putting in so much work on home decor lately! I really commend you on that. I think the green theme looks beautiful. The shade you picked is such a unique and warming color–I love it when rooms are your classical off-white and beige.

    Your curtains are absolutely GORGEOUS. I have no idea how you’re able to make them yourself, but they sure look like they’re worth a lot more than $30. I think it’s a great idea that you have a ton of comics in your guest room as well. It will keep any of your guests entertained for hours. And the computer–such a kind thought!

  • Cseline says:

    I love how the colors and the decors match! The whole room looks very gorgeous and adorable. Who can’t resist to not sleep in there?

    I also like that you put in books and the computer. It’s very nice to entertain your guests which makes them feel welcome, warm, and cozy.

    Good job, anyway!

  • Mija says:

    We are slooooooowly trying to get the guest bedroom together as well! I put a small shelve in the bedroom with comics and books as well!!! XD AMAZING job on the curtains!!

  • Holly says:

    You’ve done a great job decorating the guest bedroom. :) I particularly like the curtains. That print was my favourite one when you showed your selection of materials in a previous post.

    I wish I could put up pictures, but I can’t because I rent. It makes the walls look less empty.

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