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The Rift

August 28th, 2014

Gaming has come a looooong way from when I first started. Though I played some games on the computer early on, the NES was when I really started my gaming hobby. This was when I was very young¬†(I don’t even remember how old), and I’ve been keeping up and watching games change since then.

I remember how loading up Super Mario 64 for the first time on my N64 just blew me away. If you look back on it now, the graphics are pretty bad, but prior to that, I hadn’t played a game with 3D graphics. City of Heroes was another big one for me because it was my first MMO. I had to get used to the fact that I was surrounded by random strangers whose faces I’d probably never see.

Now there’s another milestone in my gaming life. We’re now the owners of an Oculus Rift, DevKit 2!


My husband put in an order several months ago, and we just got ours recently. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a virtual reality¬†(VR) headset. There’s multiple parts to it. It connects to your computer, which is what’s actually running the game. There’s a camera to track your head movement. Then there’s the headset itself, which has a small screen for each eye.


Your head acts as the game’s camera. If you’re playing in first person, when you move your head, you are actually moving your character’s head. Walking around is still done by keyboard/mouse or gamepad.

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Recent Purchases

August 19th, 2014

August has been busy! I need to catch up on visiting blogs! After I finished post processing photos from San Japan (view previews), I immediately went to AnimeFest to do more photoshoots. Work has also been busy as we’re getting close to another release date, so I’ve been working late.

And well, when things are busy and stressful, retail therapy is nice ;) Here are some things I got recently.

Hello Kitty x Street Fighter figures

I actually pre-ordered these back in 2012, along with a couple plushies from the same collection. I got the plushies last year but not the figures! I figured they were sold out (I don’t get charged until they ship), so I forgot about them.

I was surprised when I got a shipping notice about them this month. I guess they managed to get more. Check them out:



I think this collection is funny because there are male Sanrio characters, not to mention Hello Kitty has a boyfriend named Dear Daniel. Yet, they use Hello Kitty for all of the characters, including Zangief. Hello Kitty with a mustache, beard, and um… chest hair. Yep.


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Landscape / cityscape tips

August 9th, 2014

I typically tell people I specialize in 3 types of photography: photoshoots, event, and landscapes. I’d like to write entries giving tips on each type, and I figured I’d start with landscapes. Landscape photography is actually what made me interested in photography to begin with, and these are some things I’ve learned along the way! (A couple are specific to DSLRs, but not all of them are.)

Golden Hour

This really applies to any type of photography, but lighting is one of the most important aspects. The golden hour is one of the best times of day for outdoor photography, and there are two of these in a day. They are the first and last hour of sunlight, basically sunrise and sunset. During this time, the lighting is very soft and often have pleasing colors in the sky.

Sunset is the easier of the two to catch:

Shipwreck Beach (Kauai, HI) at sunset

Shipwreck Beach (Kauai, HI) at sunset

I’ve been asked whether it’s worth waking up early to catch a sunrise shot, and my answer is yes:

Shipwreck Beach (Kauai, HI) at sunrise

Shipwreck Beach (Kauai, HI) at sunrise

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