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My photography journey

September 25th, 2014

It’s been an exhausting week since my company just had its annual user conference. It’s a 3-day event, and I worked as a photographer the entire time. I used to photograph our events for fun (I’m actually a software developer for the company), but starting last year, I began helping out on the photography team.

There’s 3 of us that walk around to take photos, and each of us have our own style. One of my coworkers mentioned last year that he’s better at candids while I’m better at talking with people and asking them for a photo. When I look back on how I used to be, it’s kind of funny to me how I ended up like that.

Oct 2013: A photo I took at last year's conference.

Oct 2013: A photo I took at last year’s conference.

When I was young, I was incredibly shy. My parent-teacher conferences always ended with the feedback of, “Catherine doesn’t talk enough”. I was even like that when I did a photoshoot for the first time ever.

I bought my first DSLR at the end of 2009, and I chose the Canon 50D. It’s considered a semi-casual/semi-pro camera, which has a cropped sensor and was targeted at serious (but not pro) photographers. At first, I was super excited about it, but after a few months, that turned to regret. I wasn’t confident in my skills and felt I wasn’t good enough for the 50D. What the hell was I thinking? Starting with a serious DSLR when I was a total newbie?

Dec 2009: One of my earliest DSLR photos.

Dec 2009: One of my earliest DSLR photos.

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What I’m up to, #4

September 14th, 2014

What I’m sewing

The last time I did one of these entries, I mentioned that a coworker commissioned me to make an Elsa (Frozen) costume for his 9-year old daughter. Since then, I’ve ordered fabric swatches, took her measurements, drafted a pattern, made a mock-up, ordered the fabric, and then adjusted the pattern. So much prep work!

Now I can start on the real thing. I don’t have much progress yet, but my goal is to finish the whole thing this month.


I’m also looking into making a couple costumes for myself. After all, stores are already preparing for Halloween, so now I can tell people I’m buying fabric for a costume and not look like a weirdo ;)

(By the way, since this entry is so photo-heavy, the rest will use thumbnails that link to the full image.)

About 5 years ago, I cosplayed from the game The World Ends With You. I made Neku, Beat, and Shiki costumes for myself and 2 friends. Now I’m thinking about going back to TWEWY again to make a Rhyme costume. If I ever make a Joshua costume later, then I will have made all 5 main characters!

The second one I’m considering is Misao from Rurouni Kenshin. My coworkers have been tossing around ideas for a group cosplay, Rurouni Kenshin being one of them. It reminded me that I wanted to make a Misao costume many years ago and never did it.

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Summer recap

September 6th, 2014

It’s nearing the end of summer, and as someone living in Texas, I cannot wait for the temperatures to drop. I’ve had a pretty eventful summer so far though, so I thought I’d look back on how I spent the past few months :)

Unexpected Trip

I originally had no big trips planned for the summer. Since my husband and I don’t have kids and we’re both software developers, we don’t have to follow the school schedule for vacation time. We tend to pick off seasons to travel instead.

But well, if your work wants you to go to London, and they’ll cover expenses… it’s hard to refuse ;) So, I went to London for a week in June. I only had to work 3 days there, so my husband tagged along to sight-see during the rest of the time. Read about it here or view photos here.


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