February so far

February 19th, 2015

To those who celebrate it, Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year! Since I don’t see my parents today, I called to wish them a “happy new year” this morning before going to work :) I’m going over to their house for a home-cooked Chinese New Year meal tomorrow!

Every year, I do an animal drawing for Chinese New Year, and it’s the year of the goat/ram/sheep this time. Here is the drawing I did for this year! (Colored with Prismacolor pencils.)


I looked up a lot of goat photos as references, and while doing that, I realized I wasn’t sure what their eyes looked like. I Googled for “goat eyes” and… goats have such weird eyes! Look at them!

Anyway, I originally had an entry planned about using manual settings on a DSLR – basically what they mean and tips on how to balance them together. It’s not quite ready yet, so this will be more of a rambling entry about my life lately :)

This month, Majora’s Mask finally got a remake for 3DS, which I’ve been wanting for sooo long. I loved that game in the N64 days. I had been eyeing the special Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL, but it sold out so fast. One of my coworkers even had his pre-order canceled because the store realized it didn’t have enough stock.

Fortunately, I ended getting one with the help of a friend and the special edition of the game too! It comes with a Skull Kid figurine, which looks great. The number of Legend of Zelda figures I have is slowly building up…



I’ve also been spending more time on my websites lately, which was one of my New Years resolutions. I finally moved over all of my Photoshop tutorials to Aqua Cure, allowing me to close my tutorials site. Even though it’s the same amount of content, it still feels nice to have one less site to deal with. Next up is working on new layouts for both Aqua Cure and this site!

On the photography front, I’m preparing for an upcoming photoshoot. Someone contacted me to do a photoshoot of her cosplay, so we’ve been figuring out when and where to do it. She wanted a location near water, preferably a beach. I don’t live near the ocean though (closest beach is several hours away), so I began researching nearby lakes and found one with a beach area! Several locations around this lake look very promising, and I’m really excited to do this shoot :D



I hope February is going well for everyone! Hopefully I’ll have my DSLR settings entry up next :)

18 Responses to “February so far”

  • Christienne says:

    That collection tho!

  • Alice B says:

    happy new year, cat!
    I have been MIA due to exam ugh I shall back read all your posts ASAP haha

    i love the drawing. it’s adorable ;)
    so many Linkssss! *o* haha such a dedicated fan~ i think if i have the money, i’d grab all the assassin’s creed figurines i can get haha such a sad thing i’m poor :P
    i used to buy some figurines though; like kingdom hearts and kamen riders HAHA

  • Jenny says:

    Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Love the drawing, it looks great!
    I can’t wait to read your post about the manual settings in DSLR, I always learn so much from your photography posts! :D

  • kibumie says:

    yay, Happy Chinese New Year! I think you were able to capture the goat’s eyes wonderfully~ their eyes are remarkable and just shows the beauty of nature itself.

    Good luck on your photoshoot! and wow that zelda collection *0* I haven’t played Zelda since forever, but I enjoyed it when I was young.. recently, most of my gamer friends are into Monster Hunter xD

  • Uglyfish says:

    I am so jealous of those LoZ figurines. I am especially impressed with Skull Kid, and TW Zelda.
    Your goat picture is amazing, it’s so delicate and he looks so fluffy! Goat’s pupils are so strange! Enjoy the meal with your family – hope you all have a lovely time together!
    Good luck with the photoshoot, that looks a fantastic location. Can’t wait to read your DSLR post =]

  • Jhanz says:

    Happy Chinese New Year! :) What a collection!

  • Michelle says:

    February is definitely going better than expected. I’m glad you gained a lot of Legend of Zelda figures. They are awesome!

    Happy Chinese New Year! ^^ Good luck with the photoshoot!

  • Tiff says:

    Happy Lunar New Year!!! Very jealous you get to spend it with your family & a home cooked Chinese dinner. Which regional cuisine does your family normally make?

    Looks like you definitely scored on finding a great locale for the shoot! I really like the docks & what not. I’m sure you could bring some props to really add to the “beach” feel with seashells or something.

    I actually didn’t know you had a tutorials site like a noob. I’ve been meaning to ask you about contributing to my tutorial website actually (trying to transform it into a free photography tutorial like site or at least add more tutorials on photography). But you’ve got your own so I don’t want to bother you about it.

    • Cat says:

      My family mostly cooks Cantonese food, with some from Taishan :)

      My tutorials site was only Photoshop tutorials and a few HTML/CSS ones. I’ve been putting photography ones on this blog and have been questioning if I should have them elsewhere too. If you have a photography tutorial site, I’d be interested in contributing!

  • Tiff says:

    Oh yeah also, awesome picture of a goat btw. They have interesting eyes indeed. Has to do with … umm…. how they evolved & what not. You know, they gotta have pupils that look like that so they can avoid predators.

  • Amy says:

    Happy New Year to you hun!

    Love the image! So pretty :D Yes, I agree, their eyes are really odd O_O

    I want the new 3DS but I can’t decide on the colour or to wait for another limited edition one since I don’t play Zelda as much. My brother got the monster hunter 3DS but he got his first order cancelled without notification and had to complain, so he was placed on a waiting list instead. These retailers are so cheeky!

    That location looks really nice! It’s nice when you find little gems like these in places you didn’t realise existed close to you :) Hope it all goes well!

  • Becca says:

    Happy new year to you, Cat!!

    That’s such a good drawing! It’s very simple but I really really like it. Haha! I never realized how weird their eyes were! :P

    The lake looks like it would be a wonderful location for a photoshoot – it’s very picturesque! The nearest ocean to me is like 12 hours away :( But there are some lakes within a couple hours. Wish I lived closer!

  • Olivia says:

    Happy Lunar New year!! <3
    A super cute drawing and I'm looking forward to your post about manual settings and stuff, it's something I could definitely use! I haven't played the original Majora's Mask but I have played A Link Between Worlds (3DS) (that reminds me, I was stuck at the last dungeon, oh my! I'm swear I'll finish it soon) so maybe I'll get myself a little gift ^^ I also really love the design of the special edition 3DS, it's gorgeous. Have fun! And good luck with the photoshoot, the location looks fantastic!

  • Holly says:

    Happy new year!

    I think goats are kind of cute but you’re right, their eyes are weird! I love the drawing.

    I saw the picture of your DS collection on Instagram. I’m very jealous! I’m still stuck with my original!

  • Karin says:

    Happy new year! The goat drawing looks great :D
    Goats are cute for the most part, but their eyes are really weird. I can see why they used to be associated with demons and witchery and whatnot in some cultures.

    I tried playing Majora’s Mask as a child but found it so creepy I left it unfinished. I heard the remake is really good though, so I’m tempted to try it again. Hopefully I’m not as easily intimidated as an adult, haha!
    The 3DS and the figurine looks really cool!

  • Agent Q says:

    Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

    Hmm, that’s a pretty clever approach when choosing a venue for the photoshoot [while working within the geographical limit]. Overall, I like the second photo of the lake better. But the first one gives it more oceanic feel due to the open angle and the absence of the perimeter of the lake. Have fun at the shoot!

  • Nancy says:

    Happy ~late~ Chinese New Year! Hope you enjoyed your family meal with them! I’m a bit bummed out I missed the dinner with my parents this year but I’m glad that they saved some leftovers for me XD. Your goat picture is cute! :D.

    I love how you have collections of all sorts of cool things! Meanwhile, I just have a collection of shots glasses *o*. With your amazing photography skills, people will have no regrets calling you to be their photographer ;).

  • Carolynne says:

    Oh that photoshoot will be SO nice at that little lake & beach. Pretty. I LOVE outdoor photoshoots. Oh and your goat is awesome btw.

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