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Project 52, part 6

June 29th, 2015

This recap is for weeks 22-26, which means I’m halfway through my Project 52 now! Since I started this project on the first week of the year, it also means that we’re halfway through 2015 :) Pretty crazy how time flies, huh?

Looking back on the past 6 months, I did 6 photoshoots at Ikkicon, went to PAX South, did a Gorillaz photoshoot at the lake, won a hackathon, and moved to a new work building! Not a bad year so far :) I’m looking forward to the second half of the year since I’ll be going to more Anime conventions, and I also wait until Fall to take vacation (better weather and less popular travel season).

This past month has been pretty fun too. Here’s a look back at my Project 52 photos for the past 5 weeks!

#22 – Welcome to Historic Sixth Street
This is a mural located on 6th Street and I-35. I see it every time I’m in the area and love the bright colors on it. We were there recently to get some ramen, so I finally took a photo of it!


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What I’m up to, #6

June 23rd, 2015

Time for another “What I’m up to” entry! This one will be a little different. Normally, I post updates on what I’m sewing, photographing, and playing, but I’m saving the photography part for my next Project 52 recap. I’ve replaced it with which websites I’ve been updating lately!

What I’m sewing

Remember how last time, back in March, I said I was making new curtains? Uh… yeah, I totally procrastinated on that. I started them, then left them sitting there for a few months. However, I felt the itch to sew recently, so I’m working on them again!

This is for our game room, and we really just need a valance (part that goes across the top) to block the light that seeps through the top of the blinds. However, I like the look of curtains on the side, so I added them for decoration. I have most of the valance done and just need to add loops to it!



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Game recommends – E3 response, #2

June 18th, 2015

Last year after E3, I made a few game recommends that related to games shown at E3 that I was excited about. I decided to do that again! Though this time around, I’m featuring games that were already announced before E3, but they were shown again during the expo. Here are a few more games off of my favorites list!

Just Cause 2


Sypnosis: Panau is an island run by an oppressive dictator named Pandak “Baby” Panay, who cuts off all ties to the United States. Rico is dropped there to take care of Panay and track down his old mentor, who may have gone rogue.

My thoughts: Once upon a time I said, “I can’t do open world games; I wouldn’t know what to do.” Boy was I wrong. It turns out open world games are one of my favorite types, and Just Cause 2 is one of the better ones that I’ve played.

The thing to remember with Just Cause 2 is that you’re not going to get a great story or great character development. What you get is the pure satisfaction of blowing things up, exploring a beautiful world, and just running around doing stupid things. It’s such a big map that you’ll always find something to do, and it’s just plain fun.

My thoughts on Just Cause 3: The early trailers of Just Cause 3 made it look just like Just Cause 2, and well, I had no issues with that. I want more of that. E3 showed improvements to the grapple and parachute, which is pretty exciting because that’s a large chunk of what you use. Multiple grapple lines? Yes please! [E3 trailer]

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