Game recommends – E3 response, #2

June 18th, 2015

Last year after E3, I made a few game recommends that related to games shown at E3 that I was excited about. I decided to do that again! Though this time around, I’m featuring games that were already announced before E3, but they were shown again during the expo. Here are a few more games off of my favorites list!

Just Cause 2


Sypnosis: Panau is an island run by an oppressive dictator named Pandak “Baby” Panay, who cuts off all ties to the United States. Rico is dropped there to take care of Panay and track down his old mentor, who may have gone rogue.

My thoughts: Once upon a time I said, “I can’t do open world games; I wouldn’t know what to do.” Boy was I wrong. It turns out open world games are one of my favorite types, and Just Cause 2 is one of the better ones that I’ve played.

The thing to remember with Just Cause 2 is that you’re not going to get a great story or great character development. What you get is the pure satisfaction of blowing things up, exploring a beautiful world, and just running around doing stupid things. It’s such a big map that you’ll always find something to do, and it’s just plain fun.

My thoughts on Just Cause 3: The early trailers of Just Cause 3 made it look just like Just Cause 2, and well, I had no issues with that. I want more of that. E3 showed improvements to the grapple and parachute, which is pretty exciting because that’s a large chunk of what you use. Multiple grapple lines? Yes please! [E3 trailer]

Kirby’s Epic Yarn


Sypnosis: A rumor has been going around Dreamland that there’s a sorcerer turning people into yarn. One day, Kirby sees a tomato, and when he tries to eat it, the sorcerer appears! Kirby still eats the tomato anyway, which turns him into yarn and banishes him to Patch Land.

My thoughts: I love Kirby games because they’re cute and are well-designed platformers. It’s interesting because Epic Yarn took away two things Kirby is known for, eating and flying, yet it was still super fun. The yarn aspect was soooo adorable, and I loved how it was used in creative ways.

I think my favorite part was how you chose how difficult you wanted the game to be. You can’t die in Kirby’s Epic Yarn; you just lose gems if you fall or get hit. It’s great for casual gamers who simply want to go through the levels. However, collecting everything and getting enough gems for a gold rating was actually fairly challenging, which kept players like me interested.

My thoughts on Yoshi’s Wooly World: I really love that Nintendo is continuing with the creative use of yarn. Yoshi’s Wooly World is like Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Yoshi’s Story put together, which are possibly the two cutest games I’ve played. The “choosing your own difficulty” that I mentioned above might sound familiar because it was mentioned at E3 for Yoshi’s game, and I’m glad that they’re going with that approach again. [E3 trailer]

Mass Effect Trilogy


Sypnosis: The trilogy starts as Commander Shepard tries to stop a rogue Spectre named Saren. As Shepard tracks him down, he/she learns of a greater threat called the Reapers, who want to purge all advanced sentient life in the galaxy. Through the trilogy, you gather teammates to help in the quest of stopping the Reapers.

My thoughts: I couldn’t just list one Mass Effect game because I really feel like the best experience is going through all three in order. I mentioned a while ago that I was getting tired of turn-based RPGs, but then I tried Mass Effect and Dragon Age and that turned my world around. The combat is real time but allows you to pause to activate skills or assign commands to teammates, which just feels way smoother.

Mass Effect really pulled me in because of its amazing character development and story. I was attached to my Shepard who held my decisions that carried from game to game. It made me feel a connection to both the main character and supporting characters that I hadn’t really felt in other games. It’s seriously one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had.

My thoughts on Mass Effect Andromeda: Even though I had an attachment to the Mass Effect trilogy world and characters, I’m actually excited that Andromeda starts anew. New characters, a new galaxy, new planets to explore – just a fresh start. I have to admit that when the trailer showed at E3, my heart skipped a beat when the N7 logo appeared! [E3 trailer]

So, did anyone else watch the E3 shows that were going on? What are you most excited about?

8 Responses to “Game recommends – E3 response, #2”

  • Alice says:

    let’s talk about E3 in long, broad conversation. I’m still not over it and I’ve been spamming my real life friends about any updated news regarding the games we’ve been waiting for.

    aside from the fact that i was disappointed EA didn’t talk even a bit about ME Andromeda, i’m actually excited to know that the world’s gonna be as vast as DA Inquisition though that’s very obvious of you, bioware. I’m still not over the 3rd one and the ending though…and I do miss Garrus, that stupid turian badboy. I wonder if we won’t see any of the crew anymore in Andromeda…I’m really gonna miss Garrus and his ugh voice

    I’m mostly excited about uh, well…lemme list them out for you:
    – mirror’s edge catalyst
    – FFVII remake
    – ME Andromeda, of course
    – Fallout 4
    – Dishonored 2
    – Unravel
    – AC Syndicate
    – The Division
    and maybe a little bit of XCOM 2

    I really wanna hype over Sony’s panel but realize that I don’t have PS4 to begin with. geez, i really want a ps4 just for the sake of KH 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last Guardian :(

  • Michelle says:

    I was skeptical about FFVII because of how they might change the game but I quickly changed my mind. Nier was one big one that caught my eye.

    But Fallout 4 really caught my imagination, though I’ve already preordered the Pipboy PC edition along with Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain, and Kingdom Hearts 3. I’m so excited for those titles! ^^ Woot!

  • Raisa says:

    I just purchased Just Cause 2 on Steam. XD Woot summer sale! i also pre-ordered Fallout 4 as soon as it was available. I can’t wait to see how MAss Effect: Andromeda’s gonna be like. ME3 crushed me, but I can’t quit it.

  • Becca says:

    Oh my goodness – the Kirby game is adorable! I feel like that is a game that I would enjoy playing. I love fun games like that (I am not a big gamer lol) that can be fairly casual but can also be challenging to get everything in the game. I gotta keep that in mind haha

  • Nancy says:

    I am so behind with gaming that I don’t know what’s coming out anymore besides Need for Speed *__*. I’ll most likely end up buying the game, but probably not immediately because it’s released on November where midterms are screaming at me XD. I love games that have open worlds! You can do anything you want if you don’t feel like following the main storyline for a bit and it’s fun to explore! I think Kirby’s Epic Yarn would be a cute game, especially since everything looks outlined and different than the modern “HD look”. I hear a lot of promising things about Mass Effect! It makes me want to give it a try sometime this summer :D. Hopefully the actual gameplay of all of these games are awesome!

  • Holly says:

    My other half was going mad because we missed all the conferences while we were on holiday and had no internet connection.

    I played a little bit of Just Cause 2, and while I struggled to get to grips with it (just because it’s not the type of game I’m use to playing) I thought it was beautiful and fun, so I hope we get a copy of Just Cause 3 in the flat.

  • Holland says:

    I’m not a big gamer and I didn’t watch or attend E3, so all I’ve heard about it has been on Tumblr. The only things I’ve learned:

    1. There is a dog in Fallout 4 and everyone already loves it.
    2. Yarn Man Martin Sahlin is a huge cutie pie and I’d probably marry the cutie on sight. Also I am pretty curious about Unravel now!

  • Jhanz says:

    I’m not really into gaming but your posts makes me wish that I have the time to play! :) Hehe!

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