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Project 52, part 9

October 24th, 2015

It’s amazing how behind you can feel after being gone for only a week. It’s short enough where people will wait until you get back to ask or talk to you about something, and it’s long enough that tasks just pile up. So where was I the past week?

10/13-10/16: A few coworkers and I attended the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing, which is a tech conference for women (though men could attend too). There were 12,000 attendees this year, and it looked like about 90% were women. That’s pretty amazing. I’ve been in the Computer Science field for 12 years (4 in school, 8 in industry) and that was my first time surrounded by so many women in tech!

10/17: Even though it was a Saturday, I went to work! We had a group of interns come to our office for internship interviews, and I interviewed four of them.

10/18-10/20: My husband and I flew to West Point, NY and met up with some of his family to bury his paternal grandmother. Both sides of his family were military families that grew up in West Point, and his grandmother wanted to be buried alongside her late husband there. I had the pleasure of meeting her once for our wedding, and hearing stories about how much she meant to everyone made me wish I knew her more. It was a lovely trip though, especially since I hadn’t been in this area of NY in a while. I talk about visiting NYC often, but little known fact: I actually grew up in Poughkeepsie!

And so, I’ve been playing catch-up since I got back. I’m behind on work, reading blogs, and posting about my Project 52. Let’s start with catching up on the last one!

#37 – Greatest Swordsman
This probably looks familiar because I already showed it in my last Favorite Things entry! Like I said in that entry, Zoro is one of my favorite characters, and this is my most recent figure purchase. To make this photo work, I had to get the lighting and camera angle under him. Otherwise, his bandana would cast a shadow over his eyes.


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8 photos of happiness

October 11th, 2015

I’ve been wanting to do this tag since I’ve seen it around, and then Georgie tagged me! Thanks Georgie! :D Picking only 8 is pretty tough, but it was fun because it made me look through old photos and really made me remember some great times.


  • Thank your nominator/s and link them in your post.
  • Link the creator (Ariel).
  • Post your 8 photos of happiness.
  • The photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy.
  • Pop in a brief description of the photo, why you chose it or let the photos do the talking.
  • Spread the happiness and tag up to ten other bloggers.

Hawaii 2011


This was our honeymoon! (We took the photo with a tripod and remote shutter.) I thought about picking an engagement or wedding photo, but really, the honeymoon is when all the wedding stress is over and we can just relax and enjoy each other’s company ;) We went to Hawaii for the first time – Kauai first and then Oahu. It was a great trip that started our obsession with Hawaii. We’re currently planning our fourth trip back!

College: UTACM


I joined the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) in college, and in my second year, I joined their officers group which really changed my life. I made lasting friends who I still see and have so many happy memories from it. It was definitely the highlight of my college life. Many of us took classes and studied together, and much of my free time was spent hanging out in our club’s office. I also met my husband in it!

This photo is after one of our “Broomball” events played at a hockey rink, except we have a ball, paddles, and we use our shoes instead of skates. There is a lot of falling, which is part of the fun ;)

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My Favorite Things: October 2015

October 6th, 2015

I was originally going to post my “8 photos of happiness” next but uh… I’m not done with it yet. It’s hard to choose only 8 photos! But, that’s ok because it’s time for the My Favorite Things link-up, hosted by Raisa and Eirene. This is always a fun, positive start to the month :) Here are things I’ve been loving the past month!

Zoro figure


Sometimes late at night… I make impulse buys for Anime/video game figures. Earlier this year, it was the Majora’s Mask Link nendoroid and the Luffy + Law Bandai figure, but those haven’t shipped yet since they’re later releases. Then one night I realized… wait wait WAIT… how do I not have a Zoro figure yet???

The more I watch One Piece, the more I love Zoro, and he’s become one of my favorite characters. He’s just… UGH, SO COOL. I had been eyeing the recent one by MegaHouse because it’s his pre-time-skip version, and well, that night I sealed the deal. Since it was released already, it arrived about a week later. I love it. I couldn’t stop staring at it when I first got it, and now I’m looking into a time-skip version too. It never ends.

(For those wondering where to buy, I’ve been using AmiAmi, Hobby Link Japan, Tokyo Otaku Mode, and Crunchyroll’s store.)

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