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Year in Review: 2015

December 30th, 2015


With 2015 coming to an end very soon, it’s time to look back on how the year was for me :)

Life in general

My personal life has been pretty much the same, but things changed at work. My team grew, and I moved into a management position! I was already a team lead, but now I’m more of a dev manager and spend more of my time managing than coding. I used to do 30% team lead stuff and 70% coding, but now the percentages are swapped!


2015 was a big focus on photography for me. I started a Project 52 to take a serious photo every week, and I was also invited into the Flickr licensing program early in the year.

I did more cosplay photoshoots than 2014 too. I did 14 total: 6 at Ikkicon, 3 at San Japan, 4 at AnimeFest, and 1 shoot at the lake. Half were with cosplayers I had not worked with before, so it was nice to meet new people!

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Maui – part 3

December 23rd, 2015

This will be a long entry! Instead of dragging out my trip to two more entries, I’m fitting the last four days into one entry.

Day 5 – 11/11

We started the morning with snorkeling and decided to hit up three spots before lunch. The first and third weren’t that great, which were Makena Landing and Polo Beach. They didn’t have many interesting things to see, and the visibility in the water was a bit low.

However, the second stop was Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve, and it was amazing. It was hard to get into the water since the beach was rocky, but once you’re in, it’s an easy swim with very clear water. There were sooo many fish here! There were even types of fish I had not seen in the other snorkel locations, especially the really big ones. This spot is a definite recommend!

After lunch, we took it easy. We did a short drive to Olowalu and back, stopping by a scenic overlook and the Kealia Boardwalk. At the boardwalk, I was able to take some nice photos of Central Maui :)


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Project 52, part 10

December 19th, 2015

This is the second to last Project 52 recap! I have to admit that the longer this project went on, the worst I got about it. A few times I took the photo a day or two late, and they weren’t planned out that well. I think the problem is when I’m busy post processing photos, I’m not thinking about taking even more photos. The weeks where I seemed to slack were after photoshoots or trips, which were when I was already dealing with a large set of photos.

So here is the recap for weeks 44-48!

#44 – Scott Pilgrim
Four coworkers and I did a Scott Pilgrim group for Halloween! The two who dressed as Scott Pilgrim and Stephen Stills even brought in their bass and guitar for the costumes :)


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