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My Cosplay Process

March 28th, 2016

This is kind of a follow-up to my Beginner Cosplay Tips entry from last year. Sometimes people tell me that they’d like to try making a costume but aren’t sure where to begin. Though each cosplay differs, I generally follow the same process for each one. Here’s how I go about my costumes!

Character research

I always start by researching the character’s outfit and by gathering as many references as I can, which are often screenshots and official art. In addition to just searching the internet, I’ll re-play games or re-watch shows/movies. When I can’t get good references, I have to make my best guess at certain parts I’m missing.

Sometimes I’ll also draw the outfit on paper with notes, just to make sure I have the right idea and don’t miss any important details.


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Recent Goodies

March 20th, 2016

So um… I’m not good at balancing my time between my hobbies. Once I get really into one, I tend to neglect the others, like blogging and returning comments. Lately, I’ve been very focused on cosplay such that after dinner, I immediately head to my sewing room. If you want to see my progress, head over to my cosplay blog! I will be keeping both that and my Instagram up to date as I work on it.

I wanted to share some things I got recently, a few were gifts and a few were because I did some treat yo self action. First is the birthday present from my husband! It’s a yukata! (Yukata is a casual summer kimono, frequently worn at summer festivals in Japan.)


I actually asked him to buy me one for my birthday, and I picked out 5 designs for him to choose from. I’ve been wanting one lately, partially because I just wanted to have one and partially as cosplay reference. Now I need to pick out a matching obi to wear with it :)

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March To-do List

March 9th, 2016

Even though March is already on its way, I still wanted to make a to-do list of things to complete this month. I meant to complete several things over the past few months except… well, of course, I procrastinated. I’m the type of person who gets motivated by lists, so here we go!

Finish Tashigi’s jacket

I currently have 3 months to finish my Tashigi cosplay before the next Anime convention. It’s actually enough time… I just always procrastinate and end up doing a bunch of stuff at the last minute. So I’m trying to pace myself to finish a bit early! My goal is to finish the jacket this month. So far, I’ve done one mock-up, but I wasn’t totally happy with it. Now to make adjustments and try again before working on the real fabric.


Apply for Global Entry

I guess this list is working because I was able to cross this off while I was drafting this entry. I finished the application process, but I’m waiting for approval before I schedule an interview.

If you don’t know what Global Entry is, it’s a program that lets you go through an expedited customs line when entering the United States after traveling internationally. It also makes you eligible for TSA PreCheck. Every time I travel, I kick myself for not registering for TSA PreCheck yet, so that I can enter the faster security line. Since I do travel internationally, I paid a little extra for Global Entry instead!

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