April so far

April 21st, 2016

Uh whoops, I unintentionally took a mini break from blogging and blog hopping. A couple things have kept me busy, and then when I do sit down to blog, I look at the clock and realize, welp, it’s time for bed. Cue the list of things I’ve been up to lately!

1. Instead of blog hopping, I’m Mii hopping on Miitomo. I didn’t expect to be addicted, but I am. Add me on Twitter if you’d like to connect! I’m puyoda on both. You know those blog questionnaires that you tag people in? That’s kind of what Miitomo is, and I think that’s why it’s so fun. You get to answer random questions, which your Mii shares with your friends, and you see your friends’ answers too. Plus, I like collecting clothing for my Mii and taking dumb cool Miifotos!

Yes, a lot of my Miifotos involve food.

Yes, a lot of my Miifotos involve food.

2. Earlier this month, I was participating in my company’s annual hackathon, and my team got runner-up in the “for the company” category! This was my 6th time, and now my record is at 3 wins and 3 runner-ups. We get a week to work on whatever we want with whatever team we want. At the end, we show off our projects in a company trade show, and then finalists are chosen to present to the executives.

This year, we created a new A/B testing platform from scratch to integrate into our community! We’ve been having issues with third party services, and it was about time we had our own custom one.

3. I’ve been studying Cantonese and Japanese. I’ve been listening to Cantonese and Japanese podcasts during my weekday commute, and then at home, I review the material. The Cantonese is all review for me since I grew up knowing it, but because I haven’t been using it, I’m very rusty.

Before my Japan trip a couple years ago, I learned a bit of Japanese using Genki and Rosetta Stone. I wanted to pick it back up, so these podcasts have helped. I’m also trying to study Genki again.

4. Prop making is fun but takes so much time. I’m still doing a ton of cosplay work! I haven’t been sewing much lately and instead have been working on the prop sword. In the past, I avoided prop work because I find it troublesome to carry one around a convention. I also wasn’t that interested in it, but I’m finding the work for the sword really interesting and pretty fun. My cosplay blog is updated as I make progress!

I really like how the sheathe is coming along.

I really like how the sheathe is coming along.

5. Weekends have been filled with plans. Last weekend, we hosted another video game day at our house, and the weekend before, we went out of town to see the in-laws. This weekend we’re probably going furniture shopping. I kind of want a weekend where I have no plans!

And that’s my life lately: work, cosplay, Miitomo. I will have more time for this blog when my cosplay is finished!

15 Responses to “April so far”

  • Christine says:

    Congrats on winning the Hackathon! That sounds like a lot of fun! Awesome too that you’re studying two languages. I always like listening to the language being spoken first. I think it helps so much for the understanding! Good luck with your studies!

  • Nancy says:

    It looks like everyone is having fun with Miitomo! It looks like a pretty neat app, but I’m still not on board yet XD. Congratulations on winning as a runner-up! It’s great to put your skills to action :). Keep it up with your Cantonese and Japanese! My Canto is pretty bad and the only person I speak it with is my mom X’D.

    You’re so skilled in wrapping the handle! I love how there are diamond patterns :3. Hope you’ll enjoy your weekend!

  • Georgie says:

    The detail on the sheath is amazing!

    Congratulations on your runner-up place in the company hackathon. We have one coming up and I’m not sure if we will win or not, but I think we are greatly improving our product since we are going to try and make it more accessible to touch screens. It is my first hackathon at this company! I must say, it is really impressive that you have either won or become runner-up for all the times you have participated. ?

    I should go back to learning Japanese since I learned it in high school and really enjoyed it. I also love Japanese culture. I am learning Italian at the moment and I wonder if learning a second language at the same time might be a bit of a challenge. You seem to be doing fine, though!

  • Raisa says:

    I’ve also been on Miitomo instead of blogging! XD I need more tickets so I can keep playing the drops hahaha.

    Congrats on placing in the hackathon! It’s awesome that you got to build something to improve your company. First place next year?? XD

  • Carrie says:

    I’ve always loved your blog. <3

    I want to take a trip outside of the country again, but I don't know A SINGLE SOUL in Japan and I'm afraid I'd get lost. Plus, I don't know how to speak Japanese, lol.

    I think I'll just try traveling around the US for now. :)

    • Cat says:

      Aw thanks! :D I actually used Google Maps while I was in Japan which helped a ton. The popular tourist places in Japan are pretty English friendly too, like Tokyo. People might not speak English, but many things like train stations and menus have translations!

  • Tara says:

    You’re certainly being kept busy XD I haven’t got into Miitomo, but I can see its appeal to others :D Yay for you guys placing in the Hackathon! And woot for you learning Japanese and Cantonese. I should get back into learning Japanese . . . just gotta stop being lazy XD Also your prop-making is so detailed! can see why it’d take a while, but the end result is worth it!

    Keep it up with everything, Cat! ^^

  • Liv says:

    Omg Miimoto looks so fun! I haven’t gotten it because there’s no room on my phone HAHA but I love those kinds of games. I’m glad to see Nintendo is integrating into the mobile market.

    Your company sounds so awesome to have those hackathons because they will bring the employees together and let you all grow closer. <3

    Also I'm liking the sound of these game nights! The multiplayer gaming PC was definitely a great idea! My favorite weekends are the ones with no plans as well. :P But then I get bored. Maybe I should get back into playing video games.

  • Claudine says:

    Congratulations on winning the hackathon! You have a great track record, keep it up! :)

    Oooh, it’s so cool that you’re still studying your languages! :D I’ve stopped my Mandarin classes right now because all the classes were getting dissolved, so I just asked for a refund after two cycles of dissolved classes TT_TT Good luck with your Japanese learning!

  • Lucy says:

    I’ve heard so many people raving about that Miitomo. I tried it out but honestly, I don’t get it.
    Good luck with the Cantonese and Japanese lessons… I’ve just started learning German with Duolingo and it’s lots of fun

  • Stephanie says:

    Sounds like you’re having such a productive month. And I can’t believe that you’re making your own cosplay prop. That’s incredible, and totally inspiring. I always wanted to cosplay something more intricate, but I never get a chance to make anything, haha.

  • Becca says:

    Haha! Your Miifotos are cracking me up. And I love that they all involve food. XD They are making me hungry haha.

    Congrats on the runner up in your company hackathon! And what an awesome track record you have, definitely something to brag about every year winning or coming in second!

    And the sheath for the sword looks really cool. I love all the cosplay photos you share on Instagram. I am in awe of what you can create, Cat!

  • Michelle says:

    Miitomo is addicting! <3 Glad we are friends on it! I even got my husband addicted. Hahahahahaha

  • Kya says:

    That app looks really fun. I had thought it was just on Nintendo and just looked it up and can see it’s on IOS as well, so I am going to download it shortly… :D

    Congratulations on getting runner up. :D

    That’s really cool that you have been studying Cantonese and Japanese. I hope it continues to go well. :)

    I can imagine it would take a lot of work to make props! I admire your commitment. :D


  • Katy says:

    Congratulations on being runner up! The Hackathon always sounds so interesting – and you’ve done so well in all your six entries! That’s such a great achievement =]
    I loved Miitomo, and then I ran out of Internet while I was moving house so I couldn’t use it any more. Now I have my Internet back, I hope to be on it more, it was so much fun!

    The twisting on the handle of the sword is amazing – that must have taken a lot of patience but it was worth it! I hope you enjoy the rest of the process.
    Good luck learning Japanese. To re-learn Spanish, my sister played video games that she knew really well in Spanish and she said it was really useful.

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