A few movie recommends, part 2

June 15th, 2016

It has started… summer blockbuster season! It’s the time of year when many major movies release, taking advantage of a time when many people have vacation. I’ve already watched a few movies that I’ve been anticipating, and I’m excited for more that will be released in the next couple months.

While I do love a good blockbuster, it’s still nice to try a movie that breaks the mold because there’s so many good ones out there. I highlighted a few in a previous entry, and I wanted to give it another go. Here are a few more recommends!

In Bruges


In Bruges and I started with a shaky relationship because it really did not match up with its trailers. Since it didn’t match expectations, I ended up with mixed feelings. However, it stayed in my mind, so I watched it again and found that I liked it. A third time sealed the deal, and it’s now one of my favorite movies. So, do me a favor. Don’t watch the trailers. Just don’t do it.

The movie focuses on two hit men, Ray and Ken. After Ray botches a hit, he and Ken are sent to Bruges to hide out and await further instructions. It’s a dark comedy that delves into life, death, guilt, and atonement. The movie’s pace also shifts around a lot between funny parts, slower parts, and action. The witty dialogue is what makes the movie so great though, and it’s so very quotable. If you’re a fan of subtle humor, then I think this is a movie for you.

Ex Machina


I’m not going to link a trailer for Ex Machina either, because I feel that they show way too much. The story begins with Caleb, a programmer at a major internet search company, who wins a competition to spend a week at the private mountain estate of the company’s CEO, Nathan. When he gets there, he finds out that Nathan has been experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) and chose Caleb to test his latest one, Ava. Nathan wants to see if Ava passes the Turing Test, which tests whether a machine exhibits intelligent behavior that is indistinguishable from a human.

Since Nathan lives in a remote area, most of the movie really focuses on these three characters, and you slowly see how the interaction between the three changes. It’s a well-made movie that is an interesting and disturbing look into what could happen with AI, the ethics around it, and how human emotion comes into play.

The Nice Guys


I’m going to end with a movie that is still in theaters! So, if you’re wondering, “hm… I think I’ve seen all the super hero movies out now. What else is there?”, then maybe give this a try. (I’m also not linking to the trailer since it spoils some of the plot. Seriously, what’s up with trailers now?)

The Nice Guys takes place in the 1970s and is about a private eye and enforcer who team up to investigate the death of a porn star. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe make a great pair in this one, and it has the feeling of old buddy cop comedies, which is a genre that I miss. Unlike In Bruges, the humor in this one is more slapstick and is on the silly side. I had a good laugh over it though, so I recommend it if you’re just looking for a fun movie this summer!

Three is the magic number again, so I’ll end here! Are there any movies that you’ve seen recently that you’d recommend?

11 Responses to “A few movie recommends, part 2”

  • Fai says:

    i haven’t watched any new movies these days so i really need the list there. i have jotted down all three movies that you recommended and yeap, The Nice Guys is in my list because Ryan Gosling! haha~

  • Holland says:

    In Bruges–is that Hagrid?!

    I’ve been wanting to watch Ex Machina and The Nice Guys, but I’ll probably wait for those to hit Netflix or something.

    I would recommend Warcraft because I’m fandom garbage. I absolutely loved Khadgar, and thinking back on it I also quite liked Medivh.

  • Kya says:

    I really liked Ex Machina. I had not watched any trailers for it when I first watched it, so I was really intrigued where the story went.

    I am looking forward to seeing The Nice Guys! :D

  • Michelle says:

    Ex Machina was really good and intriguing. I wasn’t half expecting those things in the movie as they unfolded, but it was still great performances all around and Oscar Isaac…again XD He’s a great actor. I hope he continues to make more movies.

  • Christine says:

    Now that it’s summer it’s the perfect time for me to add some movies to my list. :) This summer I’m also looking forward to the new Independence Day as well as horror thriller Don’t Breathe!

  • Carrie says:

    Okay, I feel kind of embarrassed by this but I never watch cartoons because I always think it’s too kid-ish, esp since I just turned 25. However, I am soooo wanting to go see Finding Dory!! That movie just looks so cute from the previews!

  • Tara says:

    I’ve not heard of any of these movies. I’ll have to check them out more to see if they will be something I’d want to watch :D

    About the only new moves I’ve seen are the second, third, and fourth Hunger Games movies, haha. I have to see of the four, the second and the third are what I’d recommend :3

  • Amy says:

    I’ve not seen any of these movies. I really want to see Ex Machina though – it looks amazing.

    Deadpool is probably the best film I’ve seen this year. I haven’t watched many films though, so I don’t have very much to go on. Better get myself out to the cinema soon!!

  • Nancy says:

    Yesss! Another reason why this time of the year is my fave is because of mooovieee releases!!! I have to admit, I am on the overrated boat with trying to watch Captain America, Batman v Superman, Deadpool, and etc. XD. Ex Machina takes my interest the most out of the list. It’s interesting to see how AI’s can be interpreted and brought out in a way that isn’t possible in actual mankind yet.

    Captain America has been my favorite this year; mostly because Captain America is my man crush monday’s XD. Otherwise, Deadpool was a really great movie! Batman v Superman is pretty decent, but doesn’t match up to the Marvel movies.

  • Pauline says:

    Ah – just in time with this post Cat! I’ve been searching for new things to watch and quickly finishing my current list. I’ll definitely give these a try as well as those you listed in the previous entry! :D

    I’ve watched a lot of movies so far over the past week. My favourites have to be Big Hero 6 and Deadpool. Great films!

  • Becca says:

    The only trailer of these movies that I had already seen were Ex Machina. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it so we never got around to seeing it. I’ll have to put it back on our to-watch list now. AI movies are always a little unnerving to me because I can see it happening in real life. ;P

    I’ve not heard of Nice Guys yet, but it looks funny! Thanks for the recs, Cat!

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