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September 1st, 2016

Making a console PC to play multiplayer PC games on the TV is one of the best decisions my husband and I made this year. We’ve had several game days with friends, and it’s been a ton of fun to have them over. Online is great for convenience and for playing with people who don’t live near you, but it’s definitely missing the type of interactions that you get when playing together in person.

We’ve been keeping an eye out for multiplayer games that would make great “couch games” and have tried many of them out. These are our 5 favorites so far!


(Up to 4 players | Steam page)


You know how there’s always that one jerk who runs ahead in Mario levels and kills everyone by leaving them behind? Well, that’s the point of SpeedRunners. You run through a course filled with obstacles and items, and you win if you leave people behind enough that they hit the edge of the screen. Thanks to the game’s fast pace, it’s also really fun to spectate while you’re waiting for a turn.

The great part of this game is that people seem to get the hang of it quickly, and being in front isn’t all that easy. The person in the lead is near the front edge of the screen and cannot see the obstacles ahead. It gives people in the back a chance to catch up, and we’ve had a lot of really close matches because of it!

Ultimate Chicken Horse

(Up to 4 players | Steam page)


I already mentioned this in another entry, but here it is again because it definitely makes the list! Ultimate Chicken Horse is cute and has a great concept: build a level you can finish but will kill other people. It’s a collaborative level builder where every round, each player gets an item to place on the map, which could be a platform or a trap.

Then you all attempt to finish the level, and you keep going until someone earns enough points to win. We love how we get a different level every time due to the randomness, and this game causes so much laughter because of how crazy the levels can get.

Knight Squad

(Up to 8 players | Steam page)


Knight Squad is another one that is easy to pick up, especially since the controls just uses the joystick and one button. It’s also great for many people because it supports up to 8 at one time! If you’ve ever played classic Bomberman games, it’s very similar to that with a top down view. There’s several different modes, some are free-for-all and some are team based. If you manage to get 8 players, it can be pretty chaotic (in a good and funny way).

TowerFall Ascension

(Up to 4 players | Steam page)


TowerFall Ascension is a combat platformer where you kill each other with arrows. However, you have a limited amount! Once you use them up, you have to pick them back up off of the floor/walls or find them in the chests that appear. It forces you to be a bit more careful when you attack.

It also has a well thought out way to balance the game. As someone gets ahead, they might get a slight disadvantage (start with less arrows) or the people who are behind get a slight advantage (start with a shield). It helps even things out without being over powered. There’s also bunch of maps to play on and a ton of options to adjust the mode to keep things interesting!

Jackbox Party Pack

(Up to 8 players | Steam page: Jackbox 1, Jackbox 2)


Lastly, we have the game that is most friendly to any gamer level. Jackbox Party Pack supports up to 8 players, is played on your phone, and really doesn’t require any skill! That doesn’t mean it’s boring to experienced gamers though; it’s a very funny and casual game that can be enjoyed by all.

Though the party pack comes with different games, our favorites are Fibbage, Quip Lash, and Drawful. You give creative lies in Fibbage, funny answers in Quip Lash, and Drawful is similar to Pictionary.

We’re still finding new games to try out, and we tried a few recently that are really promising. I may have to do another one of these entries later!

8 Responses to “Game Recommends – Couch games”

  • Amy says:

    Those sound like really great games! I definitely want to play Ultimate Chicken Horse, but I’d probably just end up sabotaging myself!

    The Party Pack looks fun. I really want to know what the answer to that question is though, because it seems really weird. It’s confusing me so much!

    I’ve always wanted to set-up a gaming PC, but I bet it would be really difficult to do. My Dad can build computers, but they’re usually older models. I bet it’s changed a bit now!

    Hope you have a fun time gaming!

  • Kya says:

    They all seem like really interesting games and it would be a lot of fun playing them with other people. :D

  • Cristina says:

    You’re right, playing a game with someone is a great thing. Unfortunatelly I haven’t dine that since I was a kid and I played those multiplayer games with friends. But at some point I am hoping to buy a big TV and a PSP console so I can play games. I miss that. And currently I can’t play any high quality games on my laptop :(. I wish I could play all Assasin’s Creed games :(. They are my favorite. Or Need for speed. Only Carbon works on my laptop, but I’ve already finished it like 10 times. I memorized everything from that game.

    These games look very interesting. Are they available for PC?

  • Georgie says:

    Haha the Jackbox Party Pack reminds me of Cards Against Humanity. :D

    That’s about all I had to say, but I can see why you’d want a certain type of game that’s good for playing on the couch with your friends as opposed to when you’re all just playing online.

  • Pauline says:

    I love this idea of couch games. I agree although online MMO have been amazing – making friends, playing with friends across the world, nothing beats playing video games right next to each other and hearing live rage quits right next to you ahaha!

    Thanks for sharing these games, I’m normally into very heavy type games (e.g. Destiny and Halo) but these look so fun :D

  • Nancy says:

    Making a console PC to hook up to the TV is pretty cool! It can be cheaper than buying a Xbox One / PS4 XD. SpeedRunners looks like a cute modern day Mario game! I think it’s good that there are pro’s and cons by being in front and behind! Ultimate Chicken House reminds me of those simulation games with the level builder but with animals XD. Oh man, Knight Squad looks like a confusing game! Kind of reminds me of pacman for some reason XD. Jackbox reminds me of Cards Against Humanity for some reason XD.

  • Michelle says:

    Seems like cool games. <3 we did the same, too! My husband got a splitter and it's awesome that we can play PC games on our living room T.V

    I just haven't thought about these games. I usually just use party games like Mario Kart, Mario Party, and etc; Cool idea though.

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