My Favorite Things: September 2016

September 6th, 2016

Before getting back to my Japan entries, I wanted to do this month’s My Favorite Things hosted by Raisa and Eirene! I’ve been watching and playing a few new things recently that I wanted to share :D

Show: Young Justice


Growing up, I loved watching the old Batman animated series on TV, and I haven’t really followed a super hero cartoon since then. A couple coworkers highly recommended Young Justice, and since it was on Netflix, I gave it a try. I’m really liking it! It features Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, and Artemis, and it’s nice to see characters who are typically sidekicks as the stars of the show. I’m still in first season, and I’ve been told second season is even better, so I can’t wait to watch more!

Show: Battlebots


Battlebots is a show that originally ran on Comedy Central from 2000-2002, and then last year, ABC picked it up and revived it. The second season of the ABC version just finished, and I had a lot of fun watching it. There were several newcomers this time that were sitting at low seeds but then beat out fan favorites and went further into the tournament. It made things really exciting! I love that this type of nerdy competition exists where the fighting is between robots, and I was in awe of what people were able to make. I really hope that it gets a third season!

Game: Kirby Planet Robobot


When I first saw this game, I was weirded out by how Kirby was in a mech suit, but to my surprise, it’s still a good ol’ Kirby platformer. It’s the typical Kirby side scroller where you eat enemies to gain their powers, but now you can use a mech suit part of the time which can gain enemy powers too! Some areas can only be done as Kirby, and some require the mech suit. It’s really, really fun, and the boss battles are good too. If you’re a fan of classic Kirby games, I think you’d enjoy Planet Robobot.

Game: Overcooked


In my previous entry, I mentioned that we’re trying a few more couch games that are promising, one of which is Overcooked! It supports up to 4 players, and you have to work together to crank out orders in a restaurant, but each level has a “gotcha”. You might be separated in sections and use a conveyor belt to pass things around, or you’re in two moving trucks that briefly meet up once in a while. It gets really funny and crazy as people try to figure out the situation while also serving up a bunch of food. I can’t wait to play more of it :D

And that’s it from me this time! I still have several Japan entries to finish up, so stay tuned for those!

9 Responses to “My Favorite Things: September 2016”

  • Nancy says:

    Ahhh, I remembered watching Batman on TV as a kid! I should check out Young Justice. It’s great to see a set of new heroes and personalities! I’m looking forward to seeing what all of the sidekicks have to show!

    Battlebots look amazing!! It’s so cool to watch robots fighting each other. I’m loving how nerds are getting the spotlight :). Kirby Planet Robobot looks cute! I’m loving the mech suit ;).

    Overcooked looks like a crazy game with the split kitchen!

    Thanks for sharing this month’s faves ;D.

  • Vicky says:

    Gaaah yes, Young Justice is so fantastic. I think there are some comics too that are super cute.

    And I didn’t know battlebots was a thing, o: but I may have to sit down and watch it.

  • Tara says:

    I watched the old Batman animated show! But I was more into X-Men back then XD I like the idea of Young Justice featuring the sidekick heroes! That really intrigues me.

    Overcooked reminds me of Hell’s Kitchen or whatever that cooking show is where they’re supposed to work as a team, but end up being totally snotty and backstabby to each other LOL. But the actual game thankfully lacks that and instead seem to throw some interesting curve balls at the players XD

    And woot for more Japan entries!

  • Michelle says:

    I too, watched Batman The Animated Series, and even have a few of the box sets of the show. I’m still playing Kirby’s Epic Yarn which I love and which is my first Kirby game.

  • Liz says:

    Battlebots sounds like a pretty cool show! The Fosters had an episode featuring a robot competition, and now I’ve got this story in my head about this girl who loves robots, but faces a lot of stigma because she’s a girl and tries to end it. And maybe it’s lame. But robot competitions and fights just seem really cool.

    Overcooked also sounds cool, but as a game. I’m not sure if I’d be able to play it. It seems like a really stressful (at times) game, which I don’t always do well with. :p

  • Kya says:

    Overcooked sounds fun and challenging! I can agree with Liz that it does seem like it would get pretty stressful!

  • Alice B says:

    YES TO YOUNG JUSTICE!!!! i’m so sad it ended, it was such a good DC series (whose counterpart from marvel is, imo, the X-men Evolution)
    i loved season 2, mainly because nightwing ;)

    Overcooked looks so cute! i wouldn’t know about it being on steam if you didn’t mentioned it.

  • Jan says:

    Hi, great read here. Though I love animations, I was really never hooked on DC and Marvel. But now that I have much time on my hand, I might try to watch Young Justice. Thanks for the share. :)

  • Claudine says:

    Wow, I never thought I’d say the day Kirby would be in a mecha-type suit but now that you’re blogging about the game I’m very curious about it. Too bad I no longer have game consoles!

    Overcooked looks really fun! I would play this as well, thanks for the recommendation! :)

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