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Life as a gaming couple

March 26th, 2017

Lately, my husband and I have both been playing Breath of the Wild, which is really nice because we can talk about it with each other and share tips and hints. The downside is that we’re currently sharing the Switch and have to plan when I get to play and when he gets to play. This got me thinking about the pros and cons of being a gaming couple!

Pro: Co-op partners for life
In addition to being able to talk about games with each other, we always have someone to play co-op games with! It’s great since we’re sitting next to each other, and we don’t have to worry about using a headset or typing to chat. It also guarantees that we’re always playing with a competent co-op partner. We don’t have to deal with the frustration of finding someone random online. Playing a good co-op game together is one of our favorite ways to spend time together!

Con: Having to plan our games around each other
This is what we’re doing now with the Switch. We have to plan when each of us gets a turn, and we have to do this whenever we play any console game. With PC, we’ll both buy a copy, so we don’t have to share, but it’s not very reasonable to buy two of every console. Most of the time, we plan our games so we aren’t on the same console and have to switch discs. For example, if I know he’s using the PS3, I’ll play a PC game or use a different console. (We also have to split up our consoles on different TVs, so they can be played at the same time.)

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Birthday week in photos

March 19th, 2017

I have to admit I’ve been distracted from blogging lately. Every time I sit down to write something, I end up doing something else, like reading manga, editing photos, or playing Breath of the Wild… lots and lots of Breath of the Wild… Ok fine, it’s pretty much all Breath of the Wild.

This past week was a birthday week, which included my birthday and a few coworkers’. To sum it up, I’ve decided to do a photo spam instead! These are quick photos from my phone or compact camera (except for the cosplay ones at the end).

Birthday feast, part one: the day before my birthday (which is on the 13th), my husband and I went back to an izakaya-style restaurant that opened up recently. We liked it the first time and wanted to try more from the menu.

Sashimi with avocado and grapefruit

Duck breast with orange sauce

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Cosplay Organization

March 7th, 2017

One of my fears has come true. I did a cosplay photoshoot and forgot a piece of my cosplay. Fortunately, it’s a very minor piece, and I honestly didn’t notice it was missing from the photos until 2 months later. I forgot to wear my blue choker in my Pokemon Go Trainer photos.

Though it’s not a big deal this time around, it is something I am always worried about when wearing cosplay. Every time I go to an out-of-town convention, I start having “did-I-forget-anything” paranoia. Forgetting a cosplay piece is not the same as forgetting something in a normal trip. I mean, if you forget your toothbrush, you can buy another one. You can’t just go out and buy a missing cosplay piece, especially one that you’ve custom-made.

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