Birthday week in photos

March 19th, 2017

I have to admit I’ve been distracted from blogging lately. Every time I sit down to write something, I end up doing something else, like reading manga, editing photos, or playing Breath of the Wild… lots and lots of Breath of the Wild… Ok fine, it’s pretty much all Breath of the Wild.

This past week was a birthday week, which included my birthday and a few coworkers’. To sum it up, I’ve decided to do a photo spam instead! These are quick photos from my phone or compact camera (except for the cosplay ones at the end).

Birthday feast, part one: the day before my birthday (which is on the 13th), my husband and I went back to an izakaya-style restaurant that opened up recently. We liked it the first time and wanted to try more from the menu.

Sashimi with avocado and grapefruit

Duck breast with orange sauce

Carrots and mushrooms

Street corn


Birthday treats: my coworkers are so sweet! For my birthday, one brought a carrot cake, and three brought homemade treats (cupcakes, cake pops, cream puffs, and brownies).

Birthday feast, part two: Instead of going to a special restaurant for my birthday, I was just really craving ramen. My husband and I went to our favorite ramen place, where I ordered their tsukemen (dipping ramen).

Birthday gifts: Nintendo plushies, manga, Chopper amigurumi, and Gudetama tote bag – my friends know me well!

More birthdays: my team had more birthdays the same week, so I made cupcakes! They’re yellow cake with buttercream frosting and topped with Hello Panda cookies. All homemade except for the cookies and sprinkles :)

Treat yo self: I’ve been using a 16GB iPhone 5S, and the past year, I’ve been struggling with running out of space. I finally upgraded to the 128GB iPhone 7. Yuri on Ice fans should recognize the phone case and my spiffy new jacket! (I am wearing a wig, by the way. Though I’ve cut my hair recently, it’s not that short.) More info on this outfit is on my cosplay blog.

And that’s it from me! I wish I could say I’ll be more productive after this, but with Mass Effect Andromeda coming out and my current Breath of the Wild addiction, I’m totally not going to be. (Gamer friends, the struggle is real.) Until next time! (And maybe with a real blog entry!)

14 Responses to “Birthday week in photos”

  • Nancy says:

    Happy belated birthday again, Cat! It looks like you had a great birthday week celebration! The sashimi with avocado and grapefruit looks really interesting. What is the sauce that is surrounding the sashimi? It looks sesame-based but I can always be wrong :p. Everything else looks so delicious, especially the ceviche!!!

    Your coworkers are awesome for getting you treats :D. You definitely mastered the art of baking. The frosting is so perfectly swirled on to the base. I am really digging the Gudetama tote!

    Glad that you upgraded to a newer iPhone with more capacity! I noticed that the better the iPhone camera is, the more likely you’ll run out of space @___@. (Story of my life).

    Have a great week, Cat :D

  • Rezina says:

    Happy belated birthday!

    Sounds like you had a great birthday and that Gudetama tote bag is super cute. Also wow at the treats your coworkers got you! They’re so nice to get you so many yummy sweets. The cupcakes you made are also really cute. I like the added touch of the cookies on top :D

    And the tsukemen looks really interesting! I hadn’t heard of dipping ramen before. How do you find it compares to Japanese ramen? I tried it once but found it too salty for my taste buds :/

    • Cat says:

      Thanks Rezina! There’s different styles of Japanese ramen, some of which are saltier and heavier than others, so there’s probably a lighter style out there that you’d like :) Tsukemen is actually a type of Japanese ramen, but it has a thicker broth so it sticks to the noodles. It was also created as a summer ramen, since the broth isn’t as temperature hot!

  • Michelle says:

    Omg! I am glad that you had a great birthday and OMG those food dishes looks delicious! You look so pretty in your cosplay as Yuri!

  • Amy says:

    Hope you had a great birthday! All that food looks amazing. The carrots and mushrooms look really tasty and that duck breast looks amazing.

    It’s so lovely of your co-workers to bring you stuff in for your birthday. At my work it’s the opposite way: we bring food in for everyone when it’s our birthday and everyone chips in for a present.

    Those cupcakes you made look great. Putting Hello Panda biscuits on top is such a cool idea.

    Glad you treated yourself and got a new iPhone. 128gb seems like a lot of memory, so I doubt you’ll run out now. I still haven’t filled my 64gb and I’ve had it over a year!

  • Gillan says:

    Belated happy birthday! It seems like you had a great week!
    My mouth is watering from all the food and I’m craving ramen now :(
    The sashimi and duck breast looks delish and I love ceviche!
    Aww, the plushies look so cute ? I’m glad you got to replace your previous phone with a 128GB one.
    Wow, your cosplay looks so good!

  • Diamond says:

    Late happy birthday!! Wow, food looks so delicious!
    It was so nice of your coworkers to bring you birthday treats <3 And great gifts!
    I hope you had a great week! :D

  • Tara says:

    Happy belated birthday! I think it’s great that you had such a wonderful week of goodies and awesomeness. The izakaya sashimi intrigues me because of the grapefruit. Not a sashimi fan, but I do like grapefruit!

    All the treats your co-workers made for you make me smile. I love how they made you cream puffs. I am a huge lover of those, and I would adore anyone who made me cream puffs!

    Your gift stash — nice! I like that Gudetama tote bag. It’s so cute! :D Ramen is a good birthday meal. It’s good to eat what you want on your special day ^^

    And your YOI cosplay is looking good! I love how you got Yuuri’s phone case! Yay for upgrading to a new phone. Hope you’re like the iPhone 7 so far! ^_^ I am loving that cosplay of yours!

    Thanks for sharing your birthday week! What a special and wonderful week ^^

  • Claudine says:

    Happy belated birthday Cat! Looks like you had a wonderful week with lots of super good food and great company! :) Your photos are making me hungry, it’s been a long time since I’ve had ramen and ceviche! Haha!

    Your friends are so awesome for getting you great gifts that they know you’ll love <3

    Congrats on the phone update! Hope you're liking your new purchase! ;)

  • Kya says:

    Happy belated birthday! :D

    The food looks amazing and the gifts are so adorable. :D

    Nice upgrade on the phone. I am sure there would be a big difference from the 5s. :D The cosplay photos are brilliant. :D

  • Chynna says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! The food you had looks AMAZING. My tummy is rumbling right now.

    That was really sweet of your coworkers to bring all of those treats. They look so tasty.

    GUDETAMA! Ugh, love it.

    Mmhmm, I feeling the case and jacket! I loved Yuri on Ice :) I have been contemplating on getting an upgrade because I have a 5S and it’s really not cutting it these days!

  • Carolynne says:

    I switched to the new iPhone 7 too because I was using a iPhone 5 for 4 years. It’s was time for an upgrade! I love all your birthday gifts and treats. What wonderful friends and coworkers you have.

  • Georgie says:

    Happy belated birthday, Cat! :) I am loving the photo spam in this post. Especially all the food!

    I have to admit, the sashimi with the grapefruit looks interesting. Is that like a stew? I’ve been to a few izakayas but I have never seen anything like that. :O

    The amigurimi looks so cute, the photo looks small but the quality looks exceptional. Also, that tote… I love that tote. It’s so cute and exudes so much personality!

    I would have downed so many of those cream puffs. But I LOVE your cupcakes with the Hello Pandas. Knowing me, I would just pull those off and eat only those. :P I think they are so tasty!

    It must be super fun having a few people in the office with birthdays in the same week. More celebrations and more cake!

  • Ongaku says:

    Woot woot! Go Yuri on Ice stuff! So cute sitting with your onigiri pillow. XD
    Such nice birthday stuff too. The food at the beginning looked really interesting. I have never eaten food like that but I would definitely try.
    Happy Belated Birthday!

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