The (failed) balancing act

April 27th, 2017

I’ve always been someone who enjoys many hobbies, notably blogging, making websites, cosplay, photography, gaming, drawing, baking, and some others. People wonder how I balance all of them, and the answer is…

I don’t. I seriously don’t.

I think it’s evident by how I played 145+ hours of Breath of the Wild the past month, how many of my websites haven’t been updated, and how I suddenly realized I haven’t been working on cosplay and have to cram two costumes in one month.

There’s a couple hobbies I try to keep up on a frequent basis, like blogging and gaming, but for the most part, I seem to do my hobbies in spurts. Whenever I have photoshoots, I spend the next month post processing almost every day until they’re done. When a convention is coming up, I spend the 1-3 months prior working on cosplay.

In a way, that works for me. I can put a lot of focus into finishing something, and then… take a break! Let’s put it this way: after I finish a cosplay, I pretty much avoid my sewing room for the next month or so because I’m tired of it. The problem is when I’m narrowly focused on one hobby, the rest of my hobbies take a back seat.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at now. I’m pretty much living and breathing cosplay for the next month or so while I complete a new cosplay for myself and another one for a friend (while also trying to cram in some Mass Effect Andromeda time). I know I don’t have to explain a leave of absence because we all have lives outside of our blog, but I wanted to. This gives me a chance to plug my cosplay side of things ;)

So, if you’re interested in seeing in-progress shots, check out my Instagram! I will also be updating my cosplay blog after each chunk of progress, to explain how I made things in detail. And if you like looking at cosplay photography, my Facebook page will be updated after the next convention with new photoshoots.

See ya next time with (hopefully) a new cosplay to show off!

13 Responses to “The (failed) balancing act”

  • Amy says:

    I find myself doing this too. I wish I could be someone who could juggle multiple hobbies and fit them all into each week but I have way too many. I tend to focus on one thing for a while but then lose track of everything else. I think it’s kind of a good thing though, because at least you’re fully focused on that one project, so you’ll probably get better results.

    Good luck with creating new cosplays. I’m sure they’ll be amazing as always! Can’t wait to see them!

  • Kya says:

    You have to go with whatever method works for you! :D If it means putting focus on one particular thing so is completely fine. I think it really shows in the end, because whatever project you have been working on, really looks next level aka amazing.

    I kind of do the same thing as well. I like to direct a lot of my energy into one thing if I really want to do it well. For example, when I am working on a writing/illustration project I will probably do that constantly, so I am consistently aware of everything involved in that project. I usually do it once a year, so then I have a break. :D

  • Chynna says:

    Good luck with your future cosplays – as always I know they will be amazing! You are so talented.

    It can take a toll when you have so many hobbies, but I find it so refreshing at the same time because I know I will never be bored. I’d hate to be one of those people who doesn’t do anything in their spare time. And as long as you’ve got a handle on everything, you got this!

  • Cassidy says:

    This has been me for the month of April. I LOVE watching anime and it’s a nice escape from my reality of studying and coding and as a result, my blog definitely took a back seat.

    I think a lot of my hobbies tend to take a back seat during the academic year because I have to give so much attention to my studies and I have other commitments that command my attention.

    Good luck with your cosplays and definitely enjoy them! I can’t wait to see them!

  • Pauline says:

    I get the same feeling with my hobbies and trying to balance it with work/exercise. A lot of people think I just magically do it and that it’s always super consistent but the truth is, life gets in the way sometimes and one does have to suffer. As exercise and other health and well being activities is important to me I always prioritise those! I have wanted to blog twice a week because I have so much to share but I find it hard with my full time job and my focus on improving my health!

    It’s a tough thing to do but finding that balance is key. Being happy is really important too so if I had so many hobbies, I’d always focus on the ones that make me happy at that point in time!

    Good luck with your cosplays! I always enjoy seeing the progress :D

  • Kimmy says:

    It’s not a fail! Some things just require more focus in order to be performed the way we want them to be. Having so many interests can get a bit hard to juggle but I like having/discovering new hobbies all the time. Even if some of them are sort of put on the back burner for a bit. I just super excited when I “discover” old hobbies. I can’t wait to see your cosplays! Following your instagram!

  • Tara says:

    Dude, my hobbies and stuff come in spurts, too, so you’re not the only one. I have times when I’ll do nothing but watch movies for like three days, but then I’ll stop and not watching thing for months. Same thing with gaming XD; Blogging and reading are probably the only two hobbies I keep up consistently XD. The spurts situation in a way is a balance to things? Maybe not in symmetrically, but definitely asymmetrically.

    Personally, I’d rather have spurts of hobbies than just do the same thing over and over again. It keeps me interested, and it allows me to not get sick of something. So don’t feel like it’s a fail. I think as long as you make it work to where you’re happy, that’s all it matters ^^

  • Gillan says:

    I like to think I can multi-task well, too because other people seem to think it also but the truth is I can’t lol. Like you, I usually give my attention to one or two hobbies/tasks at hand because I forget about the other ones. I guess I’m just really bad at remembering tasks, which is why I like to-do lists and keeping a planner.
    Wow, you do have a lot of websites! No pressure, we understand if you can’t update your websites because there are so many. I’d say you’re a superhero if you can keep up with that many while still doing gaming and cosplay lol.
    I can’t wait for your upcoming cosplay! Your mock-up looks great! I envy how good you are at sewing.
    Also, thank you for recommending Biore’s UV Perfect Milk! It’s so good that I listed in my beach necessities post <3

  • Nancy says:

    The fact that you have a lot of cool hobbies is super cool. I feel like it’s fine to have hobbies in spurts. That way, you have time to rotate between them without feeling burnt out. I pretty much do the same with my hobbies. I swap them out whenever I feel like it. Though, I suppose this makes the definition of “balancing” broad.

    Looking forward to seeing your next cosplay!

  • Claudine says:

    This happens to me too! I’m finding that balancing my hobbies is close to impossible so I do them in spurts as well, I’m finding that I can really only focus on one thing at a time to make something really good. Besides, I think if you spend too much time on one hobby it would make you feel so tired of it and you’ll lose interest eventually :D

  • Michelle says:

    I do a lot too! I find that I am doing so many things like gaming on several new and old systems. I am finally playing GBA Final Fantasy Tactis Advance and it’s interesting. Regardless, I try not to get overwhelmed and focus on one things at a time, you know? Just focus on one so you don’t lose interest otherwise I get burnt out fast.

  • Ongaku says:

    LOL! I feel you with that one. I have so many hobbies but I’m sort of the same way, I get on one hobby and stick with it until I get stuck wanting to do another. In fact I’m sure you might have noticed with some of my online projects that get started and then dropped until I’m ready to come back to it coughbadmecough. XD Good luck with all your cosplay progress! I have been seeing them on instagram it looks great so far. :)

  • Brandy says:

    I’ve heard how awesome Breathe of the Wild is, but #1, I have yet to obtain a switch, since the supply and domain for them is haywire, and #2, if I should even bother because I have the attention span of a flea.

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