My Favorite Things: May 2017

May 18th, 2017

It’s kind of funny how inspiration hits when you mean to take a break away from something. I’ve been working on cosplay every day since my last entry and wasn’t planning on blogging again until I was finished. (You can see progress on my Instagram and cosplay blog.) I felt like fitting in an entry though! (And I have more in draft!)

The theme for this “My Favorite Things” is around comics because that’s pretty much the only other hobby I’ve been able to do. Starting with…


I’ve been using Tapas (formerly Tapastic) for a while to follow a few comics, but the past month, I’ve really added to my library. It’s a site for webcomic creators to upload their works, and you can subscribe to them. Most are free to read, but there are some premium ones here and there that you have to pay for. If you get the mobile app, you can also tip the creators with coins, which translates to real money for them. I like that there is a way to support the artists you like!

Anyway, I’m really loving some of the series I follow and enjoy exploring the different works on there. If you’re on Tapas, let me know if you have any recommends!

Something About 30

Speaking of premium comics, I currently only pay for one on Tapas, which is called Something About 30. It follows the story of 4 female friends in their 30s and their current love lives, each of which differ from each other. This one really appealed to me because I am also in my 30s, and it was refreshing to see a series that actually focused on that age group. Though I can’t totally relate to each of their situations, I can relate to the kinds of thoughts that they have about their lives.


Kekkaishi is a manga series I recently picked back up after a long break from it. It’s about two rival kekkaishi clans that protect the Karasumori site – a powerful, mystical site that happens to be where a school is. Yoshimori and Tokine are the two heirs that have to fight the ayakashi (creatures/demons) that are attracted to the site.

At first, the series was mainly short stories, but as it went on, more unfolded about the Karasumori site, and the story became more serious. That pulled me in to find out more, and I also really like the dynamic between Yoshimori and Tokine. It’s nice to see a male and female character that balance each other and are equal in different ways. Yoshimori has more strength and stamina, but Tokine is more accurate, efficient, and in control. They have to help each other, and they grow stronger because of it. (Big plus for not making Tokine a damsel in distress!)


And to end the entry, here are some songs that I’ve been really digging lately. Listening to music while working in my sewing room makes it more enjoyable!

9 Responses to “My Favorite Things: May 2017”

  • Nancy says:

    It’s always cool to see the progress of all of your outfits! I like the idea of supporting indie’s, especially when you can tip some $$$ to the creators (can imagine it’ll make their day). Something About 30 sounds like a neat comic, even more, when you can connect to it in some way.

    Kekkaishi sounds pretty interesting. I always love those mangas with fights XD. Characters who compliment each other are the best! It reminds me of Batman and Wonder Woman, they compliment each other by filling in different gaps vs Superman and Wonder Woman where they’re both focusing on strength. I can’t believe how much Chainsmokers grew! Their work is getting better every time they release something new :).

  • Pauline says:

    I can totally relate to your point about taking a break from something and feeling refreshed and inspired! :D I always enjoy looking at your cosplay work, I can tell that you work really hard on them. :) Excited to see the progress!

    Oo, comics! I dont think I’ve ever been interested in them tbh but my sister is a big fan. I’ll let her know about Tapas. It’s something I’ve not heard before myself – she’d really love it! Thanks for sharing :)

    EEK, I love that coldplay and chainsmokers song. Its amazing!! Chainsmokers are one of my favourites right now. There songs are the tunnnneee!

  • Tara says:

    I never heard of Tapas! That sounds like a good place to read webcomics. I should take a look at the site :) Something About 30 sounds interesting, and the fact that targets our age group intrigues me. Though to be honest, the romance aspect really doesn’t appeal me to, and I am not sure if I can relate to it at all! Kekkaishi sounds more like my thing. I have to say that the synopsis really interested me! Thanks for sharing!

  • Michelle says:

    Hey, you’re welcome to take a break anytime! We will always be here waiting for you! I have never heard of Tapas! Interesting!

  • Cassidy says:

    I’m so excited to see your cosplay work!

    I really want to try and get into comics. Before, I didn’t have much time due to school but now that I’m on summer break, I’m ready to try to get into them a little more. I think I’ll start with Homestuck.

    Coldplay is my all time favorite band and I love Bastille as well. Both bands have putting out some amazing hits lately.

  • Claudine says:

    I’ve never heard of Tapas before! This sounds like a lot of my friends would enjoy! Something About 30’s premise sounds really interesting and I think you’re right, there’s not a lot of comics that focus on that age group so it’s definitely a breath of fresh air :P

  • Kenny says:

    I really have to get into reading Mangas more. I bought a few mainstream ones, but I haven’t read them. I’m lazy. :p

    Ohhhh, nice choice of songs, Cat. Love them.

  • Ongaku says:

    Ohhh, thanks for the website. I have been addicted to webcomics lately. I have mostly been reading mine on webtoons and lezhin though. I will have to check at Tapas. ♥ Especially that Somthing about 30 comic. XD
    I’ve been keeping up with your cosplay progress and it looks great!

    Awesome song choice, btw. ♥

  • Kya says:

    Tapas sounds like an interesting site. It’s great that you can read a lot of different comics as well as give something back to the creators. :D

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